War of the Rebellion: Serial 104 Page 0169 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-UNION.

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have sufficient force to guard it that far. This would interpose a force between the people of West Tennessee and the enemy's territory in Mississippi. Encourage all the counties of West Tennessee to organize their county courts and administer the civil laws, assuring them that they will not be interfered with by the miliary authorities as long as they conduct themselves in a manner loyal to the Government of the United States; encouraging them also to cultivate their farms, with the assurance that no more arbitrary seizures of private property of any kind, particularly horses, mules, and oxen, will be permitted, and that they will be permitted to carry to market and dispose of at Memphis, Hickman, Columbus, and Paducah whatever products of their farms they may have to dispose of without molestation. If the people of West Tennessee desire to reopen and operate the Memphis and Ohio, Memphis and Louisville, or the Mobile and Ohio Road north of Corinth, they will be permitted to do so, subject to no restriction except that they transport over them toward the south nothing contraband of war. Say to the people of West Tennessee that it is not designed to oppress them if it can be avoided, and they may pursue their peaceful occupations without fear of being molested, but that it is expected that they will at least make an effort to redeem themselves from their present miserable condition and exhibit to the world that they are worthy of the leniency which has been shown them. It is expected that they will keep themselves well informed of all offensive movements of the enemy in their quarter of the State and inform the nearest military authority promptly of the same; and to avoid sending troops into the interior as much as possible it is expected that the people of each country will take care to preserve peace and quiet within its limits, as it will be held responsible for the same.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Brigadier-General and Chief of Staff.

Abstract from return of the Department of the Cumberland, Major General George H. Thomas, U. S. Army, commanding, for the month of March, 1865.

Present for duty.

Command Officers Men Aggregate


General headquarters 20 .... 20

Headquarters troops 58 1,640 2,051

Fourth Army Corps 819 15,971 19,329


District of Tennessee 997 24,408 29,681


District of East 405 12,103 14,267

Tennessee (Stoneman)

District of West 346 10,562 12,936


District of the Etowah 544 15,226 18,492


Artillery Reserve 44 1,423 1,538


Unassigned infantry 33 921 1,280

Unassigned artillery 4 322 347

Signal corps 12 80 92

Total 3,282 82,656 100,033

Pieces of artillery.

Command Aggregate Heavy Field

present and


General headquarters 24 ..... .....

Headquarters troops 2,429 ..... ......

Fourth Army Corps 31,361 ..... 16


District of Tennessee 38,307 42 148


District of East 18,558 ..... 59

Tennessee (Stoneman)

District of West 15,554 42 44


District of the Etowah 23,227 19 132


Artillery Reserve 1,847 .... 52


Unassigned infantry 1,456 .... ....

Unassigned artillery 406 4 13

Signal corps 123 .... .....

Total 133,292 107 464