War of the Rebellion: Serial 103 Page 1044 KY., S. W. VA., TENN., N. & C. GA., MISS., ALA., & W. FLA.

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section of country it would be well to instruct the officers commanding to obey any orders and instructions they may receive from me. The deadly in first communicating with you in such an emergency may be exceedingly detrimental. If you think proper to give such instructions as I have suggested, I will endeavor so to avail myself of them as to protect the country and the interest of our cause with the last possible inconvenience to the militia and detriment to the agricultural interest.

I am, very respectfully, &c.,



MERIDIAN, March 10, 1865.


Agent Treasury Department, Mobile:

Following just received from Secretary of Treasury, dated Richmond, 28th. It is addressed to Mr. Clapp, but is supposed to be intended for you also:

General Taylor is much in want of money. Convert sterling or specie from sales of cotton into currency and deposit with depositories upon whom disbursing offices have unsatisfied drafts. You may reduce the price of cotton 20 cents in specie if necessary,and commence specie payments for currency at its value. If the exigency of the case demands it, you may sell some cotton for currency without the right of exportation, but this involves great sacrifices of our resources and is to be avoided if possible. Consult with General Taylor.


Secretary Treasury.

Wish you to write me fully or come to see me if you can, advising me by telegraph when you will be here, so I may not be absent.



MERIDIAN, March 10, 1865.

Lieutenant General S. D. LEE, Augusta, Ga.:

Your telegrams 7th and 8th just received. Brantly's and Sharp's brigades have bene ordered to Augusta. Suppose they left Montgomery on the 8th or 9th. About 700 men belonging to Army of Tennessee accumulated here during break in railroad and left for Augusta via Mobile on 6th. Think you had better wait at Augusta for the two brigades and these men to arrive and then go to General Johnston with them and all others belonging to Army of Tennessee that may be there. You should also make adequate arrangements to have all men who belong east promptly forwarded from Augusta. Telegraph me what news you have.



AUGUSTA, March 10, 1865.

Lieutenant General TAYLOR, Meridian:

Colonel Brent gone. Trains of army now arriving. Troops can march for army east of this point. One organized and being organized for that purpose. I will start in about five days with trains and command of 5,000. This in reply to yours of 8th to Colonel Brent. Will forward cipher dispatch of 8th. Telegraphic communication perfect between Columbus and Charlotte.

S. D. LEE,