War of the Rebellion: Serial 103 Page 1025 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-CONFEDERATE.

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V. Galloping and other unnecessary use of horses about camps, or on the march, is positively forbidden. No discharging of fire-arms about camps, or on the march, will be allowed, except the approval of the division commander is first obtained.

VI. Guards will parade for such officers as prescribed by Army Regulations; and all sentinels, when on duty, must salute officers according to their rank and in the manner prescribed. The pickets in cavalry must, at all times (day or night), parade on the approach of a general officer. Respect must be shown at all times by the men to all officers, and officers must treat the men, under all circumstances, as is prescribed by the Regulations; and guards, not on post, must be instructed by the officer of the guard, under the supervision of the officer of the day, in all matter appertaining to guard duty.

VII. In order to promote discipline and secure the co-operation of all officers, regiments must be divided into two battalions and companies into platoons; and lieutenant-colonels, majors,and subaltern company officers held to a strict accountability for the discipline and efficiency of the respective commands to which they will be assigned.

VIII. No man will be permitted to leave camp without having first turned over to the ordnance officer of his brigade his arms and accouterments; and company officers will be held to a strict accountability for the execution of this order.

IX. All detailed soldiers driving wagons and ambulances will be returned to their commands, and negroes procured to fill their places. And all negroes now in this command, except those allowed by this order, will be hired to the quartermaster or sent home. There will be allowed a negro cook to every mess of ten, and commissioned officers will be allowed servants as prescribed in Army Regulations; but no enlisted man will be permitted to keep a servant for his own use, and no officer will be allowed to claim as his servant a negro not in his own immediate service.

X. No forage shall be issued to any private horse not mustered into service; and brigade quartermasters will report weekly to division quartermasters the number of animals to which forage was issued, and the division quartermaster will report promptly the name of any quartermaster whose issue of forage does not correspond with the number of horses reported in the morning reports of the command.

XI. Monthly reports will be made to division headquarters, stating whether this order has been enforced or not, and showing the efficiency and competency of officers, giving the name, rank, and command of each; the number of days absent from command; number of times absent on march or in action; when and where negligent in the performance of duty, and any inattention to security of public property.

XII. Surgeons and assistant surgeons-except those detailed to remain

at field infirmaries, approved at division headquarters-will be required to remain with their commands on battle-fields, and, when in action, with suitable litters and a properly selected infirmary corps, to consist of not more than six men to a regiment. No commissioned officer shall be sent to hospitals without the approval of brigade and division headquarters.


There must be a field officer, with a suitable rear guard, to march in the rear of each regiment; a company officer from each company in the