War of the Rebellion: Serial 103 Page 1007 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-CONFEDERATE.

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Lee County, Va., February 23, 1865.


Assistant Adjutant-General:

MAJOR: I am just in receipt of a communication from General Vaughn, saying that 500 Yankees made their appearance in Greeneville on 21st instant, the advance it was reported of 2,000 infantry. He did not know whether it was their intention to move any farther east or not, but desired me to move to Kingsport so as to co-operate with him on Watauga. I have very little doubt but that the only object of the enemy is to occupy Greeneville, and perhaps Jonesborough, for the purpose of holding the "Brownlow election," 4th of March. I do not think with their reported strength they would venture across the Watauga and Holston to occupy Bristol and Blountsville. My effective strength is not now one-half or one-third of my real strength, owing to the absence of Tenth Kentucky Cavalry and Jenkins' company, and the fact that Seventh Confederate (numbering 200) are about half dismounted and two-thirds unarmed. This leaves me with Fourth and Tenth Kentucky mounted and Sixty-fourth Virginia, aggregate some 450, of which some are dismounted, and many with lame horses; and the roads are now in such a condition that it would almost dismount the rest. The general (Vaughn) desires that I move to Kingsport to take the position vacated by Colonel Carter, who is to move to Devault's ford on Watauga. I shall of course give all the assistance I am able, and if the enemy should seriously threaten an invasion of Virginia I could bring 600 to 800 men to bear, I believe, if I could get arms for them. I shall spare no exertion to collect all army guns in the country, but shall, no doubt, have to rely on ordnance department for a good many guns, for most of these absentees whom I am gathering up are without arms; and most all my men want cartridge-boxes, &c. But my report will be sent up soon, embracing every want. It would be a calamity to leave this country now, just when I am getting everything in working order, and in three weeks could have 300 or 400 men brought into service and my command in some state of discipline, and the horses cured of scotches, &c. The Twenty-fifth Virginia Cavalry assemble on 28th instant at Estillville. They are very anxious to remain in this department. I believe they are good men,and the good of the service would be consulted by transferring them. Shall send for my clothing and ordnance stores without delay. Will also attend to the matter of "response of Lincoln's terms" by our soldiers. If It were possible to get along without calling my battalions from here to Kingsport now, it would be greatly to our advantage.

Very truly,


Colonel, Commanding Brigade.


Lee County, Va., February 23, 1865.

General VAUGHN:

GENERAL: I am in receipt of your communication informing me of the occupation of Greeneville by 500 Yankees and he reported advance of 2,000 infantry, and desiring me to move to Kinsgport to co-operate with you on the Watauga. I suppose their object is to hold the lections East Tennessee, and have very little idea they intend coming farther then Jonesborough, if that high. I hardly think they would endeavor