War of the Rebellion: Serial 103 Page 0651 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-UNION.

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County in their attack upon the guerrilla band in Anderson. Accept thanks for your hearty co-operation in all our efforts to clear the country of these desperadoes.

Hoping to soon have them all killed or scattered, I am, respectfully, your obedient servant,


Brigadier-General, Commanding.

LEXINGTON, KY., February 4, 1865.


Commanding Twelfth Kentucky, Elizabethtown, Ky.:

With your battalion operate against guerrillas in Meade, Breckinridge, and Grayson Counties, making Elizabethtown your base of supplies. Send company of Thirtieth Kentucky back to their station. Report all information to these headquarters.

By order of Brigadier-General Hobson:


Lieutenant and Acting Assistant Adjutant-General.

LOUISVILLE, KY., February 4, 1865.

Major-General BURBRIDGE,

Commanding Department of Kentucky:

The undersigned committee appointed by the Loyal League of Louisville for the purpose of conferring with you in regard to the destitute and suffering condition of families of Union soldiers, now in our army, and also the suffering condition of widows and orphans, made so by death of husbands and fathers while fighting the battles of our country. Their great cry is for bread. Can we do nothing to alleviate their pressing and present wants? Is there no way by which their necessary wants could be could be supplied from the subsistence department? If not, humanity demands that some other plan should be devised or immediate steps taken to relieve their wants. General, you are aware, no doubt, of the fact that the city of Louisville, in her incorporate capacity, has never taken a step or made an effort toward providing for this class of our destitute citizens. Neither has there been any organized effort on the part of citizens in their behalf. If it is found to be impracticable to issue rations to those people form the subsistence department, we would respectfully submit for your consideration the following suggestions, viz: The majority of our fellow-citizens that have grown rich by their operations since the rebellion broke out are well-known Southern sympathizers, have never contributed to the support of our arms, nor in any way given aid or comfort to our soldiery, and it has occurred to the committee that if you could be convinced of the foregoing facts, as stated above, that you would feel impelled by the circumstances to require some of them to disgorge a portion of their ill-gotten gains to be applied to the suffering poor referred to above. We deem it unnecessary at this time to particularize or enter into a detailed statement of the sufferings and destitution of the soldiers/ families aforesaid, but an abundance of evidence is at hand and can at any time be produced to satisfy the most incredulous upon that subject. Therefore, general, in view of all the facts in the case, and knowing as we do the suffering that now exists and that has existed for some time in the community, the committee would respectfully ask that, if consistent with your duty and feeling in the premises, you will grant the