War of the Rebellion: Serial 103 Page 0571 EXPEDITION TO APALACHICOLA, FLA.

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13. Paroled prisoners you will advise to await quietly the final decision of the General Government in their behalf. Those becoming trouble -some you will refer to the parole stipulations, and if a friendly admonition should not have the desired effect, you are justified to enforce order.

14. All bushwhackers and guerrillas infesting the country you will consider and treat as outlaws and robbers, and if arrested forward them under guard to district headquarters, with full statements of their offense. Citizens who shelter, cherish, and support guerrillas you will hold responsible with their persons and property for the acts of these outlaws. For every raid or attempted raid by guerrillas upon railroads, and for every attack upon the steam-boats of Government transports on the river, the families living in closest proximity to the scene of the outrage will be held accountable for the delivery of the real perpetrators. The generous provisions of the General Government extended to those returning to their allegiance shall never shield from their doom those who continue as traitors.

15. All deserters of our army within your reach you will endeavor to arrest, including Lieutenant J. G. Sanders, First Florida Cavalry, who has been absent without leave for more than three months, and has become, with his armed gangs of deserters, a terror to the people of West Florida, and as many of those who faithlessly deserted their colors are aided by some of the country people, you will see that any persons suspected of giving aid and comfort to deserters of the U. S. Army, knowing them to be such, harboring, feeding, clothing, or furnishing them facilities for ferrying across streams, are also arrested and sent to district headquarters, with proper charges for trial by military commission. The reward authorized by Army Regulations for the apprehension and delivery of a deserters will be paid by the post quartermaster on your order.

16. As several of the associates of the arrested rebel leader Jeff. Davis are still at large-the rebel Secretary of Navy Mallory, on of them-you will be vigilant and take proper steps in concert with Captain -, U. S. navy, in command off the coast here, to prevent their escape to foreign lands.

17. Relative to abandoned rebel property, you will have proper inventories prepared and possession taken of all property subject to confiscation, pending the arrival of the other Treasury officer, as directed in General Orders, Numbers 51, current series, headquarters District of West Florida.

18. Relative to claims of rebels returning to their allegiance, you will be governed by General Orders, Numbers 47, current series, headquarters District of West Florida. The President's proclamation restores the property to the applicant for amnesty as it at the time of delivery, not as it was at the time when the rebel owner fled the protection of our flag; and in no case will such owners be permitted to make a claim against Government for losses being the direct consequence of their own wrongful and treasonable acts.

19. In consideration of your much isolated position you are authoritized to order the amnesty oath administered in conformity with General Field Orders, Numbers 2, current series, from headquarters Army and Division of West Mississippi, to all not excepted in the President's amnesty proclamation. The respective documents you will forward through district headquarters.

20. According to an official report of Lieutenant Rowley, provost-marshal at Milton, S. Z. Gonzales, formerly Government store-keeper at the Pensacola Navy-Yard, under the Federal as well as rebel Gov