War of the Rebellion: Serial 103 Page 0569 EXPEDITION TO APALACHICOLA, FLA.

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Special Orders, Numbers 129, extract 1, from these headquarters, to the command of the new post, the following general instruction are given for your guidance:

1. Although there is no apprehension of the approach of any armed rebel force, as all the armies of the enemy have surrendered, nevertheless, I enjoin upon you proper vigilance in your much isolated position, with the view to security in case of annoyance by guerrillas or other outlaws. You will carefully, examine the grounds around the town and select for the encampment of the troops a position best adapted for the comfort and health of the men, as well for defense, and you will throw up such earth-works as may be required for the safety of your command.

2. As soon as the mounted portion of the Second Maine Cavalry is returned to this district I will send you a sufficient cavalry force for scouting purposes.

3. All official reports and returns you will send to district headquarters, and keep me frequently and fully advised of all matters pertaining to your command, and of any important news you may gather.

4. Your line of communication will be at present by water only, direct to Barrancas by the steam transport Tampico, especially assigned for this post, or by sailing vessel, via East Pass, requesting the respective naval authorities for support and co-operation whenever needed, and you will always endeavor to promptly return their good services, it being of the utmost importance that the best feeling should exist between these two branches of our common service, the Army and Navy. As soon as practicable regular communication will be established between Barrancas and Apalachicola by steamers.

5. Your supplies you will receive from Barrancas on regular monthly requisitions; and to facilitate the debarkation of Government stores from Upper Anchor to your wharf, a distance of more than two miles, you will collect barges and skiffs (rebel property), and keep them in proper repair.

6. Foraging will only be done in case of urgent necessity for the real wants of the troops, by commissioned officer especially designated for that purposed, and in such instances proper compensation will be secured by recording the name of the claimant with the nature, quality, and quantity of the property, and by whom, when, and where seized. (See General Field Orders, Numbers 8, current, series, from headquarters Army and Division of West Mississippi, and circular Numbers 2, current series, provost-marshal-general's officer, Army and Division of West Mississippi.

7. The country people you will treat with proper consideration and justice, in strict accordance with the lofty spirit of the wise and generous policy of our Government, which, after total suppression of the rebellion, offers peace for war. You will see that all persons well disposed toward the United States Government are fully protected in person and property, with the growing crops of farms and plantations, and, to use the words of General Field, Orders, Numbers 30, Army and Division of West Mississippi-

That the laurels the Federal Army has won in the field will not be tarnished by any acts of outrage, oppression, or insult. A speedy reconstruction of the Union is at had, and our soldiers should do nothing that would tend to keep a spirit of hostility.

8. While conforming fully to the liberal policy adopted by the National Government toward a misled people, who fought for long horrible years against the exercise of its lawful authority, but who have returned at last to their allegiance, with the sworn intention to become once more