War of the Rebellion: Serial 103 Page 0545 PURSUIT AND CAPTURE OF JEFFERSON DAVIS.

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List of officers and men of the Fourth Michigan Cavalry that were present at the capture of Jefferson Davis and party on the morning of May 10, 1865 - Continued.

Name. Rank and Name. Rank and

company. company.

John Rupert a. Private, David Private,

Company C. Cunningham Company G.

Ranselaer Private, John H. Kelch Private,

Riggs. Company C. Company K.

William J. Private, Joseph Sergeant,

Smith. Company C. Hofmaster Company L.

Herman Private, Benjamin K. Sergeant,

Stephen. Company c. Colf Company L.

James H. Corporal, Charles C. Corporal,

Place. Company D. Marsh Company L.

Burt Judson. Private, William Oliver Corporal,

Company D. Company L.

Horace C. Private, Edward Lowe Private,

Jenne. Company D. Company L.

William H. J. Private, J. W. Linsley Private,

Martin Company D. Company L.

William Parker Private, Perry Phelps Private,

Company D. Company L.

Francis E. Private, Benjamin F. Private,

Thompson Company D. Carpenter Company L.

Z. H. Willcox Private, Joseph E. Private,

Company D. Stewart Company L.

John Brown Private, William Private,

Company D. Newkirk Company L.

Jacob E. Nunn Private, George Noggle Private,

Company D. Company L.

George A. Sergeant, Jesse J. Private,

Bullard Company E. Penfield Company L.

David B. Green Sergeant, William Munn Private,

Company E. Company L.

John Hines a Corporal, Andreas Bee Private,

Company E. Company L.

Charles W. Corporal, Daniel H. Private,

Tyler Company E. Edwards Company l.

Dewitt C, Carr Corporal, Wesley D. Pond First sergeant

Company E. Company M.

William H. Corporal, Simeon Huff Corporal,

Crittenden Company E. Company M.

Silas Bullard Private, Henry Corporal,

Company E. Shannahan Company M.

Robert G. Trip Private, Emanuel Beazan Private,

Company E. Company M.

Oscar E. Tefft Private, Andrew Private,

Company E. Anderson Company M.

Henry Johnson Private, Robert Arnold Private,

Company e. Company M.

William F. Private, John Vantyle Private,

Driesman Company E. Company M.

Peter Legarry Private, Daniel Graham Private,

Company E. Company G.

George F. Private, Elias Pierce First sergeant

Dalmage Company E. Company I.

John G. Private, Lester P. Sergeant,

Stevens Company E. Bates Company I.

John Corenton Sergeant, Jerome B. Hath Corporal,

Company F. Company I.

William F. Corporal, Preston W. Corporal,

True Company F. Brown Company I.

Dewitt C. Cobb Corporal, Luke M. Thayer Private,

Company F. Company I.

Franklin Private, Martin L. Private,

Nichols Company F. Brown Company I.

James Paterson Private, George W. Private,

Company F. Bodwell Company I.

Ira Private, William Dill Private,

Harrington, Company F. Company I.


John F. Private, George W. Private,

Grossmann Company F. Dutcher Company I.

Homer Hazelton Private, Charles Private,

Company F. Flugger Company I.

Henry Trickey Private, Daniel E. Private,

Company F. Krumm Company I.

George W. Rabb Private, Charles M. Private,

Company F. Middaugh Company I.

Joseph Private, Peter Private,

Bellinger Company F. McKennedy Company I.

Henry Brodock Private, Hiram H. Private,

Company F. McCollough Company I.

Dennis Dresco Private, Marvin R. Private,

Company F. Pettit Company I.

William Wright Private, Ansel Adams Sergeant,

Company F. Company K.

Jacob N. Trask Sergeant, Alonzo Moe Corporal,

Company G. Company K.

James T. Sergeant, James R. Private,

O'Bryan Company G. Norton Company K.

John Cavanagh Sergeant, John Nelson Private,

Company G. Company K.

Heremiah P. Sergeant, Jacob D Newth Private,

Craig Company G. Company K.

William H. Sergeant, Edwin Mabie Private,

Palmater Company G. Company K.

George W. Van Corporal, Smith B. Mills Private,

Sickle Company G. Company K.

John Ballon Corporal, Decatur Jacox Private,

Company G. Company K.

George Myers Corporal, Enoch L. Private,

Company G. Rhodes Company K.

Leander B. Corporal, Thomas Foley Private,

Shaw Company G. Company K.

Hoshua Parks Private, Nathaniel Rott Private,

Company G. Company K.

Cary Reed Private,

Company G.

John A. Private,

Skinner Company G.

Joseph Odren Private,

Company G.

a Killed.

Numbers 8. Report of Major General George Stoneman, U. S. Army, commanding District of East Tennessee.


Knoxville, Tenn., May 20, 1865.

SIR: I have the honor to forward the inclosed official report* of Brigadier General A. C. Gillem, commanding First Cavalry Division, Department of the Cumberland, of the operations of his division from the 20th of March up to the 25th of April, at which time he left the division


* See p. 330.