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List of officer and men of the Fourth Regiment Michigan Cavalry on the expedition which resulted in the capture of Jeff. Davis and part - Continued.

Name. Rank and Name. Rank and

company. company.

Benjamin F. Private, Daniel H. Private,

Carpenter. Company L. Edwards. Company L.

Horatio W. Private, J. Judson Private,

Cliff. Company L. Bailey. Company L.

Albert D. Private, George G. Private,

Carpenter. Company L. King. Company L.

Elijah Private, Wilts H. Private,

Cummings. Company L. Wilson. Company L.

Henry Chase. Private, Witham Farrow. Private,

Company L. Company L.

Rufus N. Private, James H. Private,

Davison. Company L. Burns. Company L.

Francis M. Private, Wesley D. First sergeant

Eddy. Company L. Pond. Company M.

James M. Private, Edwin Pearse. Sergeant,

Flower. Company L. Company M.

Ridney G. Private, George W. Sergeant,

Flower. Company L. Collins. Comopany M.

Stilman W. Private, Roland Osgood. Sergeant,

Green. Company L. Company M.

Otis L. Private, James W. Argo. Sergeant,

Holton. Company L. Company M.

John C. Kizer. Private, Henry Corporal,

Company L. Shannahan. Company M.

John W. Private, Simeon Huff. Corporal,

Linsey. Company L. Company M.

Edward Lowe

Private, Samuel Wilson. Corporal,

Company L. Company M.

John Lowe

Private, Elias M. Corporal,

Company L. Ingling. Company m.

William Munn. Private, John E. Corporal,

Company L. Ranklin. Company M.

Alonzo Miller. Private, James Newell. Saddler,

Company L. Company M.

George Noggle. Private, Robert Arnold. Private,

Company L. Company M.

William Private, Andrew Private,

Newkirk. Company LK. Anderson. Company M.

J. J. Private, Ezra Bair. Private,

Penfield. Company L. Company M.

Peter Private, Cornelius Private,

Pasenger. Company L. Bassford. Company M.

Albert B. Private, Emanuel Private,

Payne. Company L. Beazan. Company M.

Perry Phelps. Private, Simeon Private,

Company L. Brownell. Company M.

James W. Private, Samuel Harris. Private,

Robison. Company L. Company M.

Henry Smith. Private, Nathan E. Private,

Company L. Harrison. Company M.

Joseph E. Private, Samuel W. Private,

Stewart. Company L. Hubbard. Company M.

Orin Tucker. Private, Elisha B. Private,

Company L. Perkins. Company M.

William West. Private, Eugene M. Private,

Company L. Seeley. Company M.

Alvah C. Fisk. Private, John Vantyle. Private,

Company L. Company M.

Ferdinand Private, Walter Smith. Private,

Sebright. Company L. Company M.

Patrick Private, Joseph Private,

McGrady. Company L. Cogswell. Company M.

Samuel Martin Private, Private,

Company L. Company M.

Very respectfully submitted.


Captain, Commanding Fourth Michigan Cavalry.

List officers and men of the Fourth Michigan Cavalry that were present at the capture of Jefferson Davis and party on the morning of May 10, 1865.

Name. Rank and Name. Rank and

company. company.

Benjamin. D. Lieutenant- Charles W. Private,

Pritchard. colonel. Nichols. Company A.

Julian G. Adjutant. Henry Prevost. Private,

Dickinson. Company A.

Perry J. Regimental George Rinkle. Private,

Davis. quartermaster. Company A.

Charles T. Captain A. E. Ford. Sergeant,

Hudson. Company E. Company B.

Silas I. First A. A. Braley. Sergeant,

Stauber. lieutenant Company B.

Company G.

Henry S. First J. F. Corporal,

Boutell a. lieutenant Sheburne. Company B.

Company C.

Alfred B. Second C. F. Parker. Corporal,

Purinton. lieutenant Company B.

Company I.

John Bennett. Second William W. Corporal,

lieutenant Crow. Company B.

Company B.

Thomas Davis. Commissary N. B. Tuttle. Corporal,

sergeant Company B.

Company A.

George H. Sergeant, B. B. Bennett. Corporal,

Simmons. Company A. Company B.

Thomas Riley. Sergeant, A. F. Shepard. Private,

Company A. Company B.

Rezin Wright. Sergeant, W. P. Private,

Company A. Steadman. Company B.

Darwin Corporal, Franklin A. Private,

Dunning. Company A. Crim. Company B.

Robert L. Corporal, Augustus Private,

Reynolds. Company A. Armstrong. Company B.

Lyman J. Corporal, William V. Private,

Russell. Company A. Wood. Company B.

William BAlow. Private, John Nicholas. Private,

Company A. Company B.

Daniel C. Private, J. J. Powell. Private,

Blinn. Company A. Company B.

Gilbert Cotay. Private, L. H. Willcox. Private,

Company A. Company B.

James Private, Abram Sebring. Corporal,

Fullerton. Company A. Company C.

Caspar Knobal. Private, Reuben Corporal,

Company A. Palmerton. Company C.

Philo Morse. Private, David Q. Corporal,

Company A. Curry. Company C.

George M. Corporal,

Munger. Company C.

James F. Private,

Bullard. Company C.

David Dillon. Private,

Company C.

Franklin C. Private,

Leach. Company C.

James H. Private,

Lynch. Company C.

Stephen B. Private,

Munson. Company C.

a Wounded.