War of the Rebellion: Serial 103 Page 0543 PURSUIT AND CAPTURE OF JEFFERSON DAVIS.

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Lisst of officer and men of the Fourth Regiment Michigan Cavalry on the expedition which resulted in the capture of Jeff. Davis and party - Continued.

Name. Rank and Name. Rank and

company. company.

Walter S. Private, Lester P. Sergeant,

Mead. Company F. Bates. Company I.

William Bugler, Jerome B. Corporal,

Benschneider. Company F. Bath. Company I.

Francis First sergeant Martin V. Corporal,

Maguire. Company G. Pomeroy. Company I.

John C. Sergeant, Preston W. Corporal,

Nichols. Company G. Brown. Company I.

Benjamin F. Sergeant, Luke M. Private,

Archer. Company G. Thayer. Company I.

Jacob N. Sergeant, M. L. Brown. Private,

Trask. Company G. Company I.

James T. Sergeant, George W. Private

O'Bryan. Company G. Bodwell. Company I.

John Cavanagh. Sergeant, William Dill. Private,

Company G. Company I.

Jeremiah P. Sergeant, George W. Private,

Craig. Company G. Dutcher. Company I.

William H. Sergeant, Charles Private,

Palmater. Company G. Flugger. Company I.

George W. Vam Corporal, D. E. Krumm. Private,

Sickle. Company G. Company I.

John Ballon. Corporal, Charles M. Private,

Company G. Middaugh. Company I.

George Myers. Corporal, P. McKennedy. Private,

Company G. Company I.

Leander B. Corporal, Hiram H. Private,

Shaw. Company G. McCollough. Company I.

William Private, M. R. Pettit. Private,

Brigham. Company G. Company I.

Lawrence E. Private, O. J. Bates. Private,

Carr. Company G. Company I.

Alexander Private, Abraham Black. Private,

Cameron. Company G. Company I.

Stephen Private, C. Craig. Private,

Cunningham. Company G. Company I.

David Private, M. Esser. Private,

Cunningham. Company G. Company I.

Nelson Day. Private, H. C. Kenyon. Private,

Company G. Company I.

David Dewey. Private, Joseph H. Private,

Company G. Abbey. Company I.

Frederick Private, John Lamphere. Private,

Deventier. Company G. Company I.

Robert Private, Joseph Private,

Furguson. Company G. Laturne. Company I.

Timothy C. Private, Roger Love. Private,

Green. Company G. Company I.

Japhet Private, T. Lee. Private,

Godfrey. Company G. Company I.

Henry Gray. Private, D. F. McVean. Private,

Cimpany G. Company I.

Charles D. Private, P. D. Pettit. Private,

Hughes. Company G. Company I.

Michael Leary. Private, L. C. Wilber. Private,

Company G. Company I.

Joseph Odren. Private, Charles Private,

Company G. Feterly. Company I.

Joshua Parks. Private, John Byers. Private,

Company G. Company I.

Cary Reed. Private, George First sergeant

Company G. Davenport. Company K.

John A. Private, Ansel Adams. Sergeant,

Skinner. Company G. Company K.

Samuel Private, George R. Sergeant,

Underwood. Company G. Vantine. Company K.

Daniel Graham. Private, Andrew Snook. Sergeant,

Company G. Company K.

George Hall. First Sergeant Leander Corporal,

Company H. Vankleek. Company K.

Robert Dey. Corporal,

Company K.

Horace B. Sergeant, Josiah R. Corporal,

Warner. Company H. Lweis. Company K.

Solomon Sergeant, Alonzo Moe. Corporal,

Wightman. Company H. Company K.

Samuel Van Sergeant, John Moorish. Corporal.

Etten. Company H. Company K.

Martin Horan. Sergeant, Charles Cobb. Corporal,

Company H. Company K.

Daniel O. Sergeant, John S. Booth. Private,

Crotty. Company H. Company K.

Benton D. Corporal, John H. Private,

Thurston. Company H. Cunningham. Company k.

William Corporal, George W. Private,

McCune. Company H. Foster. Company K.

Daniel P. Corporal, Thomas Foley. Private,

Welton. Company H. Company K.

Charles Corporal, William Private,

Blackall. Company H. Filkins. Company K.

Horace Heath. Corporal, Abram H. Fox. Private,

Company H. Company K.

William H. Corporal, John Higgins. Private,

Conover. Company H. Company K.

Lucius O. Private, Decatur Jacox. Private,

Bates. Company H. Company K.

Henry M. Private, John H. Kelch. Private,

Brown. Company H. Company K.

Abel H. Berry. Private, Edwin Mabie. Private,

Company H. Company K.

Benjamin F. Private, Henry Malone. Private,

Bump. Cimpany H. Company K.

Milo D. Private, Smith B. Private,

Cooper. Company H. Mills. Company K.

Francis J. Private, James R. Private,

Corey. Company H. Norton. Company K.

Jerome P. Private, John Nelson. Private,

Cady. Company H. Company K.

William H. Private, Jacob D. Private,

Davenport. Company H. Newth. Company K.

Charles H. Private, Edwin Potter. Private,

Delaney. Company H. Company K.

Noble Private, Rensalaer Private,

Dougherty. Company H. Ransom. Companuy K.

Orin H. Private, Enoch L. Private,

Deming. Company H. Rhodes. Company K.

Laurens Private, George Somers. Private,

Fletcher. Company H. Company K.

Augustus Private, Nathaniel Private,

Grawn. Company H. Root. Company K.

David Greer. Private, Winfield S. Private,

Company H. Tripp. Company K.

Leonard Gates. Private, John S. Private,

Company H. Torrance. Company K.

John W. Private, Lucius N. Private,

Holmes. Company H. Wade. Company K.

Madison A. Private, Charles H. Private,

Hoose. Company H. Stevens. Company K.

Partick Private, Timothy Private,

Haggarty. Company H. Sheppard. Company K.

Charles Hunt. Private, Joseph Sergeant,

Company H. Hofmaster. Company L.

William S. Private, John F. Beebe. Sergeant,

Herrick. Company H. Company L.

Charles Private, Levi Tuttle. Sergeant,

Powell. Company H. Company l.

James P. Private, Gurdin N. Sergeant,

Reynolds. Company H. Kenyon. Company L.

John Sullivan. Private, James H. Sergeant,

Company H. Holdsworth. Company L.

Albert Spinks. Private, Benjamin K. Sergeant,

Company H. Colf. Company L.

John Saur. Private, Alonzo C. Sergeant,

Company H. Burnham. Company L.

William P. Private, Charles F. Corporal,

Wilson. Company H. Tubah. Company L.

Francis Private, Charles C. Corporal,

Warner. Company H. Marsh. Company L.

Oscar Thomas. Private, William Corporal,

Company H. Oliver. Company L.

E. Pierce. First sergeant William G. Corporal,

Company I. Rowe. Company L.

Emery A. Sergeant, Ira D. Brooks. Private,

Miller. Company I. Company L.

Andreas Bee. Private,

Company L.