War of the Rebellion: Serial 103 Page 0542 KY., S. W. VA., TENN., N. & C. GA., MISS., ALA., & W. FLA.

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List of officer and men of the Fourth Regiment Michigan Cavalry on the expedition which resulted in the capture of Jeff. Davis and part - Continued.

Name. Rank and Name. Rank and

company. company.

George Jacobs. Private, Francis E. Private,

Company B. Thompson. Company D.

John Nicholas. Private, Henry M. Private,

Company B. Winsor. Company D.

Solomon Private, Orin Wiswell. Private,

Powell. Company B. Company D.

J. J. Powell. Private, Zebedee H. Private,

Company B. Willcox. Company D.

J. J. Perry. Private, James H. Private,

Company B. Collins. Company D.

Patrick Ryan. Private, Edwin Hines. First sergeant

Company B. Company E.

Alphens F. Private, David B. Sergeant,

Shepard. Company B. Green. Company E.

W. P. Private, William F. Sergeant,

Steadman. Company B. Babcock. Company E.

David B. Private, George A. Sergeant,

Skinner. Company B. Bullard. Company E.

John Trumbel. Private, Calhoun M. Sergeant,

Company B. Burch. Company E.

William V. Private, Benjamin S. Sergeant,

Wood. Company B. Vest. Company E.

Frank Wright. Private, Wiliam C. Corporal,

Company B. Stiff. Company E.

Peter Private, William H. Corporal,

Williams. Company B. Crittenden. Company E.

Enoch Private, John Hines. Corporal,

Woodbridge. Company B. Company E.

Joseph Welch. Private, Dewitt C. Corporal,

Company B. Carr. Company E.

Albert Private, Charles W. Corporal,

Raymond. Company B. Tyler. Company E.

Lewis H. Private, James Peeler. Corporal,

Willcox. Company B. Company E.

Albert B. Private, Orlando E. Farrier,

Bradley. Company B. Carpenter. Company E.

John H. First sergeant Nathaniel Rix. Farrier,

Shoemaker. Company C. Company E.

Charles L. Sergeant, John F. Dart. Private,

Leathers. Company C. Company E.

Thomas D. Sergeant, William J. Private.

Smeed. Company C. Frasier. Company E.

Abram Sebring. Corporal, John E. Brown. Private,

Company C. Company E.

Charles Corporal, John G. Private,

Burrel. Company C. Brindle. Company E.

Reuben Corporal. Sela Cochrane. Private,

Palmerton. Company C. Company E.

David Q. Corporal, Cornelius Private,

Curry. Company C. Carroll. Company E.

George M. Corporal, Oscar Decker. Private,

Munger. Company C. Company E.

Gurley B. Farrier, William F. Private,

Chase. Company C. Driesman. Company E.

Jerome Wagoner, George F. Private,

Rockwell. Company C. Dalmage. Company E.

Azro Blakslee. Private, Henry Johnson. Private,

Company C. Company E.

James F. Private, Lucius M. Private,

Bullard. Company C. Keyes. Company E.

Simeon S. Private, Parmenas B. Private,

Cooper. Company C. Keyes. Company E.

Gilbert H. Private, Edwin Lervy. Private,

Darling. Company C. Company E.

Egbert O. Private, Peter Lagarry. Private,

Dickinson. Company C. Company E.

David Dillon. Private, James Lindsey. Private,

Company C. Company E.

Franklin C. Private, Charles Private.

Leach. Company C. Martin. Company E.

James H. Private, James Merrick. Private,

Lynch. Company C. Company E.

George N. Private, Edwin Besha. Private,

McCarthy. Company C. Company E.

Benjamin Private, Silas Bullard. Private,

McElroy. Company C. Company E.

Stephen B. Private, Charles Private,

Munson. Company C. Paddock. Company E.

Henry D. Private, Joseph Riley. Private,

Murry. Company C. Company E.

George B. Private, Russel S. Private,

Rediker. Company C. Seaman. Company E.

Thomas Robb. Private, John G. Private,

Company C. Stevens. Company E.

John Rupert. Private, Oscar E. Private,

Company C. Tefft. Company E.

Ranselaer Private, Robert G. Private,

Riggs. Company C. Tripp. Company E.

Benjamin F. Private, Albert J. Private,

Sherman. Company C. Webb. Company E.

George L. Private, George Ellis. Private,

Smith. Company C. Company E.

William J. Private, Stanly L. First sergeant

Smith. Company C. Nichols. Company F.

Herman Private, John Corenton. Sergeant,

Stephen. Company C. Company F.

Ira Stockwell. Private, Thomas Gorman. Sergeant,

Company C. Company F.

Gabriel Private, Howard A. Corporal,

Swaggart. Company C. Dickerson. Company F.

Emery Waurle. Private, Dewitt C. Corporal,

Company C. Cobb. Company F.

Benson B. Private, Christian Corporal,

Withey. Company C. Bohringer. Company F.

George Worthy. Private, Adam Klein. Corporal,

Company C. Company F.

Edwin W. Sergeant, William F. Corporal,

Parker. Company D. True. Company F.

Robert W. Sergeant, Horace H. Farrier,

Morris. Company D. Conner. Company F.

James H. Corporal, John C. Rapp. Private,

Place. Company D. Company F.

Ephraim Corporal, Christian Private,

Truesdell. Company D. Becht. Company F.

Watson S. Farrier, Henry Brodock. Private,

Williams. Company D. Company F.

Hiram S. Farrier, Joseph Private,

Youngs. Company D. Bellinger. Company F.

Jacob Baurs. Private, Denis Dresco. Private,

Company D. Company F.

John Brown. Private, William J. Private,

Company D. Evans. Company F.

Columbus C. Private, George Private,

Cole. Company D. Glasser. Company F.

Levi H. Hatch. Private, John F. Private,

Company D. Grossmann. Company F.

John A. Private, Ira Private,

Horrigan. Company D. Harrington, Company F.


Thomas M. Private, Homer Private,

Hunter. Company D. Hazelton. Company F.

Horace C. Private, Franklin Private,

Jenne. Company D. Nichols. Company F.

Elisha H. Private, James Private,

Kelly. Company D. Patterson. Company F.

Burt Judson. Private, Barret Private,

Company D. Pierson. Company F.

George H. Private, George W. Private,

Mott. Company D. Raab. Company F.

William H. J. Private, John P. Private,

Martin. Company D. Perkins. Company F.

Barnabas A. Private, Homer Leach. Private,

Mosher. Company D. Company F.

Jacob F. Nunn. Private, Lucian Smith. Private,

Company D. Company F.

Theodore Mero. Private, James F. Private,

Company D. Smith. Company F.

William Private, James St. Private,

Parker. Company D. John. Company F.

James Putman. Private, Henry Trickey. Private,

Company D. Company F.

Franklin Private, George W. Private,

Sawyer. Company D. Temple. Company F.

Henry Private, William Private,

Stanford. Company D. Wright. Company F.

David Sickner. Private,

Company D.