War of the Rebellion: Serial 103 Page 0541 PURSUIT AND CAPTURE OF JEFFERSON DAVIS.

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Cavalry; Private Elston, Second Kentucky Cavalry; Private J. W. Farley, Second Kentucky Cavalry; Private J. G. Tyler, Fifteenth Mississippi Infantry, Company E; Private J. W. Brady, Fifteenth Mississippi Infantry, Company E. The family of Mr. Davis, captured with him, consisted of Mrs. Davis with four little children, Miss Howell, sister of Mrs. Davis, and two waiting maids. The regiment returned through Abbeville and Hawkinsville, arriving here at 3 p. m. on the 13th instant, having marched 200 miles, averaging 33 1/3 miles per day.

I am, respectfully, your obedient servant,


Captain, Commanding Fourth Michigan Cavalry.


Actg. Asst. Adjt. General, Second Brigadier, Second Div., Cav. Corps, Military Division of the Mississippi.


List of officers and men of the Fourth Regiment Michigan Cavalry that left camp on the night of May 7, 1865, on the expedition which resulted in the capture of Jeff. Davis and party.

Name. Rank and Name. Rank and

company. company.

Benjamin D. Lieutenant- Robert L. Corporal,

Pritchard. colonel. Reynolds. Company A.

Julian G. Adjutant. Lyman J. Corporal,

Dickinson. Russell. Company A.

Perry J. Regimental Hiram Austin. Private,

Davis. quartermaster. Company A.

John S. Regimental William Balow. Private,

Pugsley. commissary. Company A.

John N. Assistant James B. Private,

Groves. surgeon. a Boyle. Company A.

Daniel C. Private,

Blinn. Company A.

Lauren H. Second John Baty. Private,

Ripley. lieutenant Company A.

Company A.

Hiram D. Second Joseph Private,

Treat. lieutenant Corbett. Company A.

Company A.

John A. First Gilbert Cotay. Private,

Palmer. lieutenant Company A.

Company B.

John Bennett. Second James Private,

lieutenant Fullerton. Company A.

Company B.

Henry S. First Peter Private,

Boutell. lieutenant Gallagher. Company A.

Company C.

John C. Captain Timothy R. Private,

Hathaway. Company D. Hill. Company A.

Herbert A. First John L. Private,

Backus. lieutenant HArlan. Company A.

Company D.

Charles T. Captain Caspar Knobal. Private,

Hudson. Company E. Company A.

Chancla M. Second Josiah B. Private,

Bickford. lieutenant Moore. Company A.

Company E.

Silas I. First Joseph Moore. Private,

Stauber. lieutenant Company A.

Company G.

Charles W. First Philo Morse. Private,

Fisk. lieutenant Company A.

Company H.

Lorenzo T. Second Joshua Moe. Private,

Southworth. lieutenant Company A.

Company H.

Alfred B. Second Charles W. Private,

Purinton. lieutenant Nichols. Company A.

Company I.

T. H. B. First Henry Prevost. Private,

Hazelton. lieutenant Company A.

Company I.

Leonard C. Second John Rose. Private,

Remington. lieutenant Company A.

Company K.

Samuel F. Second Gilbert H. Private,

Murphy. lieutenant Height. Company A.

Company L.

Fitz E. Sergeant- Thurmon D. Private,

Stevens. major. Knapp. Company A.

Harlan P. Commissary John W. Ward. Private,

Dunning. sergeant. Company A.

Amos Knight. Hospital John Private,

steward. Schweigert. Company A.

Othniel E. First sergeant George Rinkle. Private,

Gooding. Company A. Company A.

B. Franklin Sergeant, Thomas Lennon. Private,

Gooding. Company A. Company A.

Thomas Davis. Sergeant, Wells Sprague. Private,

Company A. Company A.

George H. Sergeant, John Flemming. Private,

Simmons. Company A. Company A.

Thomas Riley. Sergeant, John W. First Sergent

Company A. Bradner. Company B.

George Miles. Sergeant, Wakeman L. Sergeant,

Company A. Grant. Company B.

Rezain Wright. Sergeant, Morris Brass. Sergeant,

Company A. Company B.

Darwin Duning. Corporal, Abel A. Sergeant,

Company A. Braley. Company B.

William P. Corporal, Simon Vogt. Sergeant,

Smith. Company A. Company B.

Alonzo E. Sergeant,

Ford. Company B.

William W. Corporal,

Crow. Company B.

John F. Corporal,

Sheburne. Company B.

Chester Corporal,

Barber. Company B.

C. F. Parker. Corporal,

Company B.

Nelson B. Corporal,

Tuttle. Company B

A. W. Kewnney. Corporal,

Company B.

Baxter B. Corporal,

Bennett. Company B.

Augustus Private,

Armstrong. Company B.

William Private,

Amidon. Company B.

Francis Busha. Private,

Company B.

Franklin A. Private,

Crim. Company B.

Andrew Cleary. Private,

Company B.

Stephen Private,

Garndner. Company B.

Willard Private,

Huffman. Company B.

a Ninety-eighth Illinois (mounted) Infantry.