War of the Rebellion: Serial 103 Page 0525 PURSUIT AND CAPTURE OF JEFFERSON DAVIS.

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In testimony whereof I have hereunto signed my name and affixed the seal of the said court at waukesha this 12th day of December, A. D. 1865.


Clerk Circuit Court, Waukesha County, Wis.

List of officers and men of the First Wisconsin Cavalry engaged in the pursuit and capture of Jefferson Davis.

Name. Rank and Name. Rank and

company. company.

Henry Lieutenant- A. E. Johnson. Private,

Harnden.. colonel. Company D.

O. P. Second John Ludwig. Private,

Clinton.. lieutenant Company D.

Company B.

W. O. Sergeant- M. F. Private,

Hardgrave.. major. Nickerson. Company D.

James J. Aplin Private, P. W. O'Heron. Private,

a.. Company K. Company D.

Austin M. Sergeant, J. A. L. Private,

Horr. Company A. Pooch. Company d.

David N. Bell. Private, Alexander Private,

Company A. Pengilly. Company D.

William Private. Arne Renom. Private,

Billback.. Company A. Company D.

Martin M. Private, Jerome Roe. Private,

Coleman.. Company A. Company D.

William Dezer. Private, Herman A. Private,

Company A. Stone. Company D.

John Huntamer. Private, John Spear. Private,

Company A. Company D.

Gottleib Private, Henry Private,

Kleinlein.. Company A. Seidenburg. Company D.

Sidney Private, J. A. Warren. Private,

Leonard.. Company A. Company D.

James Private, C. W. Seely. Private,

McStilson.. Company A. Company D.

George W. Private, Charles L. First

Silsbee.. company A. Hewitt. lieutenant

Company A.

Christopher Private, Frank Dolph. Sergeant,

Steinbrook.. Company A. Company A.

Herbert Private, Obed W. Bell. Sergeant,

Shelter.. Company A. Company A.

Luther L. Sergeant, Isaac W. Sergeant,

Blair.. Company B. Spoor. Company A.

Melvin T. Sergeant, Orlando Sergeant,

Olin.. Company B. Babcock. Company A.

John Clark.. Sergeant, James Corporal,

Company B. Aikenhead. Company A.

Thomas P. Corporal, Henry H. Corporal,

Culbertson.. Company B. Bensen. Company A.

James H. Corporal, Horace Miner, Corporal,

McCrary.. Company B. jr. Company A.

Ezra H. Corporal, Robert Delong. Corporal,

Stewart.. Company B. Company A.

Albert L. Private, Dor A. Gurnee. Corporal,

Beardsley.. Company B. Company A.

Thoams Private, James M. Private,

Coleman.. Company B. Blood. Company A.

Rawson P. Private, Henry Carr. Private,

Franklin.. Company B. Company A.

Sylverster Private, Charles Private,

Fairbanks.. Company B. Fierhelm. Company A.

William Gill.. Private, Eliab Farnum, Private,

Company B. jr. Company A.

William Private, Edward Gibney. Private,

Grimes.. Company B. Company A.

Lewis Private, Asa R. Green. Private,

Jacobson.. Company B. Company A.

Honore Private, Roswell Hart. Private,

Leverner.. Company B. Company A.

William Private, Jeremiah Private,

Matskie.. Company B. Harrington. Company A.

Ira Miller.. Private, August Jahnky. Private,

Company B. Company A.

John L. Private, Charles J. Private,

Nolan.. Company B. Marvin. Company A.

John W. Private, Bernard Private,

Norton.. Company B. Marcus. Company A.

Warren p. Private, Arastus Private,

Otterson.. Company B. Newell. Company A.

Stephen Private, August Petram. Private,

Poquette.. Company B. Company A.

William A. Private, Andrew J. Private,

Splanger.. Company B. Pierson.. Company A.

Frederick Private, Jeremy H. Private,

Steinfield.. Company B. Smith. Company A.

Joseph Smith.. Private, David A. Private,

Company B. Stafford. Company A.

George D. Private, Charles M. Private,

Wrighth.. Company B. Stark. Company A.

John Wagner.. Private, Samuel C. Private,

Company B. Torrey. Company A.

George G. Sergeant, William Private,

Hussey.. Company D. Voight. Company A.

J. M. Sergeant, John M. White. Private,

Wheeler.. Company D. Company A.

G. W. Sykes.. Corporal, Donat Private,

Company D. Weisenberg. Company A.

L. P. Pond.. Corporal, Lorenzo Private,

Company D. Werner. Company A.

Joseph Myers.. Corporal, H. L. Palmer. First sergeant

Company d. Company C.

George D. La Corporal, Charles Chase. Commissary-

Borde.. Company D. sergeant

Company C.

Nelson Private, Thomas Dillon. Sergeant,

Appley.. Company D. Company C.

P. H. Private, A. b. Huxford. Sergeant,

Anderson.. Company D. Company C.

Donald Private, Thomas Sergeant,

Brander.. Company D. Callahan. Company C.

F. A. Private, D. P. Smith. Corporal,

Bublitz.. Company D. Company C.

J. S. Burton.. Private, B. N. Castle. Corporal,

Company D. Company C.

J. S. Burton.. Private, R. W. Keyes. Sergeant,

Company D. Company C.

Lawrence Private, J. S. Baldwin. Private,

Bird.. Company D. Company C.

Joseph Private, J. Z. Black. Private,

Beguen.. Company D. Company C.

A. J. Craig.. Private, C. Brandyburg. Private,

Company D. Company C.

Thomas Day.. Private, S. C. Culver. Private,

Company D. Company C.

Thomas Dixon.. Private, M. Curtis. Private,

Company D. Company C.

Jerrod Fields. Private, C. T. Clark. Private,

Company D. Company C.

James Foley.. Private, L. De Vaud. Private,

Company d. Company C.

Jacob Gusch.. Private, George Private,

Company D. Downing. Company C.

D. H. Private, J. Dougherty. Private,

Goodrich.. Company D. Company C.

Lewis Hartung. Private, W. Gelher. Private,

Company D. Company C.

N. M. Hepner.. Private,

Company D.

C. Helgerson.. Private,

Company D.

Henry Private,

Hamilton.. Company D.

a Orderly for Colonel Harnden.