War of the Rebellion: Serial 103 Page 0509 EXPEDITION TO COOSAWATTEE RIVER, GA.

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party of cavalry into the town, and they were fired on by picket of the guerrillas. We camped at Spring Place for the night, and next morning (Sunday) left about 8 o'clock for a place called Holly Creek, after having taken the following prisoners: A. and Z. Wilkins, Jared Fox, J. C. Henry, Charles Staples, F. C. Farmer, and Judge Ellro. About two miles from Spring Place the advance guard was attacked by Captain Williams and his gang. Captain W. was disabled. We arrived at the creek about noon same day and took dinner. Confederate soldier, Oliver Brown, was taken prisoner. We then came to Tuckner's house, where I took a horse, saddle, and one shotgun, then passed Lee Allen's house, left the Calhoun road, and took the country road to Mr. Hogan's house back on the Coosawattee River. Confederate soldier, B. Gassway, was taken prisoners before arriving at Hogan's house. We camped at this house for the might and picketed the McLoath Ford; the guerrillas were on the other side of the river and disputed our crossing. I here ascertained that there were two ferries, one above and one below the house. I then divided the expedition into two detachments, sent Majors Bush and Bean up the river about two miles, and they effected a crossing of the river in a boat in possession of one Sam. Montgomery, and while crossing they were fired upon by the guerrillas. I took the other detachment one mile and a half below and found no boat. I did, however, force citizen Fugua to tell me where it was and sent two men across for it in a small creek. I then effected a landing on the opposite side, the guerrillas constantly firing upon us from ambush. Having got the detachment across, I set fire to a small house built like a fort of logs, from which the guerrillas fired upon us by squads. I then left half of my detachment to hold the ferry and guard the teams and took the balance up the river to Shepherd's, where I met Major B., then took the whole detachment down the river, passed John Ballow's house, this being the headquarters of the gang. Found here some cartridges and other articles of no moment, and also destroyed the distillery; we then moved on and at Zachariah Wilson's our rear guard was attacked by the guerrillas. I then started for the ford where I had left a detachment; after arriving, and while crossing the river, we were attacked all afternoon by the whole gang of guerrillas, composed of forces under Major Edmonson, Captain Ridgers, Captain Willraur, Captain Tate, Captain ---, Lieutenant Ring, &c. They made several charges upon us, but were driven back each time. In one of the charges Major E., who was in command of the gang, was killed having received two wounds, one through the face and one through the back. I captured his saddle and gun. One lieutenant (name unknown) was killed, and several men killed and wounded. Having crossed the river, we marched up the river about four miles, repassing Mr. Hogan's house; bivouacked for the night about two miles from his place. Took Mr. Hogan and son, and Mr. Fugua, prisoners. Next morning about 6 o'clock I left for Tilton Ford on the Connesauga River, and while fording the river our rear guard was fired upon by a few guerrillas on the opposite side, but no damage done. We then left the ford about 4 p. m., and arrived in Dalton about 7 o'clock in the evening. Casualties on our side were three men wounded.

I am, general, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Lieutenant Colonel 147th Illinois Vol. Infantry and Asst. Insp. General

Brigadier General H. M. JUDAH,

Commanding First Brigadier, Second Separate Division, Dalton, Ga.