War of the Rebellion: Serial 103 Page 0486 KY., S. W. VA., TENN., N. & C. GA., MISS., ALA., & W. FLA.

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destroyed, in obedience to orders from the brevet major-general commanding corps:

Fountain Warehouse: Six thousand bales C. S. A. cotton.

Alabama Warehouse: Seven thousand bales C. S. A. cotton, 100 boxes of tobacco, 20 hogsheads and 100 barrels sugar, and other commissary stores.

Near Macon Railroad depot: Three large warehouse containing 20,000 sacks of corn, an immense amount of quartermaster's property, commissary stores, and valuable machiner, all in readiness for shipment. A large number of caissons and limbers, generally unserviceable; 100 bales of cotton; also 13 locomotives, 10 passenger, 45 box, 24 flat, and 9 coal cars; 1 round-house and machine-shop.

Naval Armory: One small rolling-mill in operation- 1 engine, 40-horse-power; 1 blast engine, 8-horsepower; 2 sets of rollers, and 3 furnaces, capable of making 4,000 pounds of iron per day. One new rolling-mill nearly completed-one 150-horsepower engine, intended to roll railroad and boiler-plate iron; 3 large furnaces; 1 blast engine, 10-horsepower; one 10-horsepower steam-hammer. This building was 150 feet square. One machine-shop-2 engines, 45-inch cylinder, nearly completed, 160 feet shafting; 3 small and 2 large planers; 16 iron lathes; 1 large lathe; 7 feet face plate; 3 drill-presses; 30 vises; 15,000 pounds brass. All lathes and planers had full sets of tools. One blacksmith shop, containing 10 forges. Several officers and drawing-rooms, with their contents. One pattern-shop, with 3 wood turning lathes and 1 wood-planer. Foundry, boiler-shop, copper-shop, and their contents.

Navy-Yard: Containing brass foundry, boat-building house, and 1 machine-shop, with hot-air furnace; 1 engine, 8-horsepower; 1 large planer; 1 rip-saw and drill-press; 5,000 rounds of large ammunition; also 1 blacksmith shop and tools.

McElhaney & Porter's foundry; Containing 1 engine, 20-horsepower.

Niter-Works: Two hundred hands were here employed.

Muscogee Iron-Works: Consisting of foundry, machine-shop, small-arms manufactory, blacksmith shop (300 forges), a large saddler's shop, with tools, and 100 sets of flasks; one engine, 30-horsepower.

C. S. Arsenal: Consisting of machine-shops, foundries, with two 30-horsepower engines, 2 furnaces a large amount of machiner and war material; blacksmith shop (16 forges).

Two powder magazines: Thirteen thousand pounds of powder, 4,000 loaded shells, 81,000 rounds ammunition for small-arms, and large quantities of rockets, fuses, &c.

Eagle Oilcloth Factory: Four-story brick, 150 feet by 50 feet; 136 looms, 3,450 spindles, cotton, and 1,200 spindles, wool; 2,200 yards of jeans, and 1,500 yards osnaburgs made each day.

Howard Oilcloth Factory: Five-story brick building with basement, 120 feet by 50 feet; 146 looms, 5,200 spindles, cotton. This factory made 5,000 yards cloth per day.

Grant Oilcloth Factory: Three stories and basement, brick building, 70 feet by 40 feet; 60 looms and 2,000 spindles, cotton. Made 2,000 yards cloth each day.

Haiman's Iron Foundry: One small engine.

Rock Island Paper Mill: Manufactured printing, letter, and wrapping paper.

Columbus Iron-Works: Sabers, bayonets, and trace-chains were here made; 1,000 stand of arms found.