War of the Rebellion: Serial 103 Page 0399 WILSON'S RAID - ALABAMA AND GEORGIA.

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7. Private Charles A. Swan, K Company, Fourth Iowa Cavalry, while following the retreating enemy through and out of Selma, Ala., April 2, 1865, captured one flag and the bearer, who said it belonged to Eleventh Mississippi.

8. Private Richard H. Cosgriff, L Company, Fourth Iowa Cavalry, at Columbus, Ga., on the west end of the bridge, "captured a standard and the bearer, having to knock him down with the butt of my gun before I could get possession of the flag," April 16, 1865.

9. Private John Kiney, L Company, Fourth Iowa Cavalry, captured at Columbus, Ga., 16th April, a standard and bearer of Tenth Missouri Battery. "I had a tussle with the fellow to get the flag."

10. Private Edward J. Bebb, D Company, Fourth Iowa Cavalry, at Columbus, Ga., April 16, about 100 yards from the bridge and in the line of works, took a flag, the rebels near it running away before our men, leaving the flag.

11. Private James P. Miller, D Company, Fourth Iowa Cavalry, captured at Selma, Ala., April 2, 1865, a sergeant and standard of Twelfth Mississippi Cavalry. He was mounted and trying to get away.

12. The large flag of the Sixth Regiment Arkansas Volunteers was captured on a train at the railroad depot on occupying Macon, by Sergt. John W. Deen, of Company C, Seventeenth Indiana Volunteers.

13. The flag marked "Captured by Reuben Phillips, Company C, Seventeenth Indiana Volunteers" (battle-flag), was got at the same time and place.

14. The battle-flag marched "Captured by First Lieutenant James H. McDowell, Company B, Seventeenth Indiana Volunteers," was surrendered to him by Colonel Cumming in the rebel works on the Columbus road, one mile and a half from Macon, Ga., on the surrender of said works.

15. The rebel flag, marked on the flag "Worrill Grays," was captured by Privates A. R. Hudson and J. Davis from a battalion of militia near Culloden, Ga., after a sharp skirmish, in which a small party of the regiment ran about 200 militia.

16. The battle-flag of the Twelfth Mississippi Cavalry, C. S. Army, was captured with the commanding officer of the regiment, Major Cox, on the 15th instant, about six miles from Tuskegee, Ala., by John H. Shoef, private, Company H, Third Ohio Volunteer Cavalry.

17. The Palmetto flag was carried by Buford's (rebel) brigade, and was captured by Seventh Kentucky in a gallant charge against double its numbers near Montgomery, Ala., 12th April, 1865.

18 and 19. Two colors of Clanton's (Alabama) brigade, captured by Second Indiana, near Montgomery, Ala., 12th April, 1865.

20 and 21. Two U. S. flags (regimental colors) captured by enemy (Tyler's brigade) near Etowah Creek, Ga., recaptured by Seventh Kentucky at Fort Tyler, Ga., 16th April, 1865.

22. Flag of Dixie Rangers captured by detachment Fourth Indiana Cavalry in skirmish near Barnesville, Ga., 19th April, 1865.

23. The garrison flag of Fort Tyler, Ga., captured in the assault upon Fort Tyler at West Point, Ga., by detachments from First Wisconsin, Second Indiana, and Seventh Kentucky, 16th April, 1865.

24. A flag captured in the assault on Selma, Ala., April 2, 1865, by the staff of Brigadier-General Long, commanding Second Division, Cavalry Corps.

I have the honor to recommend the following-named enlisted men as worthy to receive medals of honor: Sergt. H. L. Birdsall, B Company, Third Iowa Cavalry; Sergt. Norman F. Bates, E Company, Fourth Iowa Cavalry; Corpl. Richard H. Morgan, A Company, Fourth Iowa