War of the Rebellion: Serial 103 Page 0390 KY.,S.W.VA.,TENN., N. & C.GA.,MISS.,ALA., & W.FLA.

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Hackman [Mackall?], and Elzey), 1,995 enlisted men, 60 pieces of artillery, a large amount of small-arms, together with large arsenals, magazines, laboratories, and other public works of great value.

Entire captures during the month, 410 commissioned officers and 2,698 enlisted men. Distance marched, 302 miles. Went into camp near Macon, remaining there the balance of the month.

April 25.-General Long started for New York for medical treatment.

While in Selma a regiment of colored troops, 1,000 strong, was organized and placed under command of Major Archer, Third Ohio Veteran Cavalry, and officered by sergeants from the division.

Second Brigade, Second Division.

March 31.-The command left Elyton, Ala., and moving via Montevallo and Randolph, on the evening of April 1 arrived at Plantersville, having that day marched forty-six miles.

April 2.-The brigade, having the advance of the Cavalry Corps, marched twenty miles, and about 2.30 p.m. arrived in front of Selma. There, inside the fortifications, were General Forrest and about 7,000 troops. After having placed the command in position, Brigadier-General Long, in obedience to orders from the corps commander, ordered the two brigades constituting the division to assault and carry the enemy's works dismounted. By his direction the Fourth Michigan Cavalry was ordered to remain with and support the Chicago Board of Trade Battery, and the Third Ohio to cover the right and rear of the assaulting force, thus leaving but two regiments (the Seventh Pennsylvania and Fourth Ohio) to engage in the charge. As the order was given these two regiments, in connection with three others of the First Brigade, moved forward on the run, and rushing over all obstructions drove the enemy from his works. The Third Ohio and Fourth Michigan being then ordered forward, all entered the city by different routes, assisting in capturing about 2,300 prisoners and 26 pieces of artillery.

April 3 to 8.-The command remained at Selma engaged in scouting the country and destroying the public works. Brigadier-General Long, the division commander, having been wounded, Colonel Minty assumed command of the division, and Lieutenant-Colonel Howland, Third Ohio Cavalry, of the brigade.

April 8.-Crossed the Alabama River by pontoon bridge and marched about five miles.

April 10 to 13.-Marched via Benton to Montgomery.

April 14 to 17.-Marched to Columbus, Ga., which had been occupied by the Fourth Division.

April 17.-During the night the Fourth Michigan and Third Ohio marched forty-five miles and secured possession of the Double Bridges over Flint River, capturing 3 pieces of artillery and 49 prisoners.

April 20.-The command entered Macon, Ga., having just before entering the city been met by a flag of truce, announcing that an armistice had been agreed upon between the American and rebel forces.

From the 20th until the end of the month the brigade remained in the vicinity of Macon.

The distance marched from Elyton to Macon was 319 miles.

May 1 to 23.-Brigade remained at Macon, Ga.

May 7.-In the evening, the effective force of the Fourth Michigan Cavalry left Macon with orders to guard and picket the Ocmulgee River near Abbeville for the purpose of intercepting the fugitive rebel, Jefferson Davis, and to make every effort to capture or kill him, sparing neither horse nor man in the pursuit.