War of the Rebellion: Serial 103 Page 0387 WILSON'S RAID - ALABAMA AND GEORGIA.

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April 20.-Marched twenty miles.

April 21.-Marched fifteen miles.

April 22.-Crossed Coosa River; marched twelve miles to Talladega.

April 23.-Marched thirty miles; skirmished with General Hill's brigade; captured one piece of artillery and several prisoners.

April 24.-Marched thirty miles; crossed branch of Talladega River.

April 25.-Marched thirty miles; passed through Bowdon, Ga.; crossed Tallapoosa River.

April 26.-Marched thirty miles; crossed Chattahoochee River.

April 27.-Marched twenty-five miles; passed through Newman, Ga.

April 28.-Marched thirty miles.

April 29.-Marched sixteen miles.

April 30.-Passed through Forsyth en route for Macon, Ga.; marched eighteen miles.

May 1.-Arrived at Macon, Ga.

May 1 to 31.-Encamped at Vineville.

Second Brigade, First Division.

April 1.-On the march. Reached Centerville at 3 p.m., driving away the enemy's pickets and securing the bridge over the Cahawba River. Encamped at Scottsville, eight miles beyond.

Next morning made reconnaissance of the enemy's position and found him in force. Captain Hill, commanding Second Indiana, wounded; Lieutenant Smith killed, and six men missing. Fell back to Centerville, burning the bridge at that place.

April 4.-Moved to the vicinity of Randolph to insure the safety of the wagon train.

April 6.-Escorted it safely into Selma. In camp until the 10th, when the brigade moved, in advance of the corps, toward Montgomery. Skirmishing continuous all day and all the next day.

April 11.-City evacuated at night, and occupied by our advance, under Colonel Cooper, next morning at 6 o'clock.

April 14.-Marched from Montgomery, skirmishing for twenty-five miles and taking over 100 prisoners.

April 16.-Arrived at West Point at 1.30 p.m. Fort Tyler carried by assault, and its garrison and armament captured. The rebel General Tyler killed. Fighting stubborn and loss severe.

April 17.-Marched from West Point, destroying railroad as far as La Grange.

April 21.-Reached Macon. In camp the remainder of the month. Captured property has all been accounted for.

May 24.-Marched from Macon, Ga.

May 31.-Arrived at Dalton. Distance marched, 204 miles.

Second Division.

March 1.-Division in camp at Gravelly Springs, Ala.; remained there until the 13th.

March 9.-Division reviewed by General Long.

March 11.-Division reviewed by Brevet Major-General Wilson.

March 13.-Command moved to Waterloo and commenced crossing Tennessee River to Chickasaw, Ala. Surplus stores sent back to Nashville.

March 22.-Division moved out on Cherokee road, train and dismounted men accompanying command on the march through Alabama.