War of the Rebellion: Serial 103 Page 0130 KY., S. W. VA., TENN., N. & C. GA., MISS., ALA., & W. FLA.

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Second Brigade, Second Division.

February 8.- The command broke camp at Eastport, Miss., and embarked on transports; moved down the Tennessee River on the morning of the 9th.

February 11.- Arrived at Cairo; distance, 200 miles.

February 12.- Moved down the Mississippi River and arrived at Vicksburg, Miss., on the 15th; distance, 600 miles.

February 19.- Left Vicksburg for New Orleans, La., and moved before daylight on the morning of the 20th, and arrived at Chalmette, La., on the 21st, where the command now lies in camp.

Distance from Vicksburg 450 miles; whole distance traveled, 1,250 miles.

March 6.- This command moved from camp near New Orleans, La., and embarked on ocean steamers; was transported to Dauphin Island, Ala., at the mouth of Mobile Bay, distance some 200 miles, where it arrived on the 8th instant and went into camp.

March 19.- Embarked on steamers and was transported some twenty-five miles up Fish River to Dannelly's Landing, near which it was again encamped on the 20th.

March 26.- Moved some eight miles on the Blakely road.

March 27.- Moved some eight miles to Sibley's Mills, this brigade holding the extreme advance, skirmishing all the way, at which place the command still [March 31] remains, holding the approaches to our army besieging Spanish Fort from the Blakely direction.

Whole distance traveled during the month 241 miles.

April 1 found this command at Sibley's Mills, Ala., guarding the approaches to the flank and rear of our army besieging Spanish Fort.

April 2 it went out on a reconnaissance a few miles and opened communication with General Steele's army moving against the rebel works at Blakely. While out a torpedo was exploded directly under the brigade commander and staff, but caused no permanent injury excepting killing two horses.

April 3.- The command moved six miles to support General Steele at Blakely, and was assigned a part of the main line immediately on the left of his army, skirmishing with the enemy at once. The advance skirmish line, entrenched as it was, pushed up nearer to the rebel works.

This continued until April 9, during which time the skirmish line had been advanced some 500 yards. At 5.30 o'clock this command took active part in the gallant and successful charge of the rebel works, carrying everything before them and capturing some eight pieces of artillery and 573 prisoners.

April 10.- This command was assigned to duty as garrison for Fort Blakely.

April 12.- Relieved to march with rest of the corps toward Montgomery.

April 13.- Marched eight miles.

April 14.- Marched eighteen miles.

April 15.- Marched ten miles.

April 16.- Marched seventeen miles.

April 17.- Marched eighteen miles.

April 18.- Marched twelve miles.

April 19.- Marched eighteen miles.

April 20.- Marched sixteen miles.

April 21.- Marched six miles.

April 22.- Marched seven miles to Greenville.