War of the Rebellion: Serial 103 Page 0124 KY., S. W. VA., TENN., N. & C. GA., MISS., ALA., & W. FLA.

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ticipate in the engagement, and were engaged in a skirmish at Whistler, Ala., April 13. From Whistler marched to McIntosh Bluff, on the Tombigbee River, sixty miles above Mobile.

May 9.- The brigade embarked on transports at McIntosh Bluff, Ala.; arrived at Mobile same evening and went into present camp at Three-Mile Creek.


First Division.

February 1.- The division was in camp at Eastport.

February 5.- Major General A. J. Smith ordered the command to embark on board transports and proceed to Cairo, Ill., and await further orders. The command embarked.

February 7.- In the morning the division proceeded as directed on the following steamers: Diadem, City of Memphis, Mississippi, Atlantic, and Magenta.

February 8.- The fleet of the division arrived in the morning at Cairo, Ill.

February 10.- In compliance with orders from Major-General Smith the fleet proceeded down the river.

February 11.- Arrived at Memphis, Tenn. Applied to Major-General Dana and had a number of officers and men belonging to the division and on duty in the city relieved and ordered to join their command.

February 12.- Left Memphis and arrived at Vicksburg on the 13th, where the orders issued at Cairo directed the division to await further orders.

February 15.- Debarked in compliance with instructions in a telegram received from Major-General Canby, and went into camp five miles from the city ready to march on shortest notice.

February 19.- Re-embarked as directed by Major-General Smith in the same order and one same transports as before debarking, and moved down the river.

February 20.- Arrived in the morning at New Orleans, part of the fleet on the evening of the 21st, the remainder on the morning of the 22nd. Debarked at Saint Bernard Parish and went into camp at Chalmette, a low, wet, and very bad camping ground. The designation of the command was changed to First Division, Sixteenth Army Corps, by virtue of General Orders, Numbers 20, headquarters Military Division of West Mississippi, current series.

February 28.- First Brigade embarked on steam-ship Empire City, with orders to proceed to Dauphin Island via the Gulf and report to Major General G. Granger for orders, leaving transportation behind. The One hundred and twenty-fourth Illinois Infantry was assigned to the division by virtue of Special Orders, Numbers 5, extract II; headquarters Sixteenth Army Corps was transferred to Third Division by virtue of Special Orders, Numbers 9, same headquarters. No monthly report was received from the regiment before being transferred.

March 1.- The division was encamped at Chalmette, Saint Bernard Parish, La., excepting the First Brigade, which had sailed for Dauphin Island, Mobile Bay.

March 4.- The Thirty-third Missouri Infantry embarked on steamer Belvedere with orders to proceed via Gulf to Dauphin Island and report to Major General G. Granger. The remainder of the Third Brigade were ordered to proceed via Lake Pontchartrain to Dauphin Island.


*Commanded by Major General Andrew J. Smith.