War of the Rebellion: Serial 103 Page 0121 THE MOBILE CAMPAIGN.

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March 18.- Broke camp at Navy Cove, Mobile Bay, and marched up the peninsula, arriving on the left bank of the Fish River on the evening of the 21st.

March 22.- Crossed that stream in the morning.

March 25.- Resumed the march up the bay, the brigade forming the left flank of the column, and encamped on the south bank of D'Olive's Creek on the evening of the 27th.

March 28.- Assumed position on extreme left of forces investing Spanish Fort, since which time the troops have been engaged in the duties incidental to a siege.

The casualties to date are shown on the face of the report.

April 1.- Retained position on extreme left of investing forces-Spanish Fort, Ala.

April 9.- Moved into and took possession of Spanish Fort immediately on its capture, the brigade being assigned to the duty of garrisoning the fort and guarding prisoners of war captured there and at Fort Blakely, Ala.

April 22.- Brigade headquarters removed to Blakely, Ala., in obedience to Special Orders, Numbers 38, extract VI, headquarters Military Division of West Mississippi, dated April 19. The following troops of the brigade were left in garrison at Spanish Fort: The Ninety-fourth Illinois Volunteers, Nineteenth Iowa Volunteers, and Battery F, First Missouri Light Artillery.

June 22.- Left Mobile, Ala.

June 25.- Arrived at Galveston, Tex., since which time two regiments of the brigade have been doing duty in this city; the Twenty-third Iowa Infantry doing duty at Columbus, Tex.; Nineteenth Iowa Infantry left at Mobile, Ala., temporarily detached.

Second Brigade, Second Division.

March 11.- The troops comprising the Second Brigade left Barrancas, Fla., and proceeded by land to Pensacola, at which place they remained in camp until March 20.

March 20.- They left Pensacola, arriving at the Escambia River on the evening of March 25.

March 26.- The brigade crossed the river and proceeded to Pollard. Destroyed a portion of the railroad and Government buildings and returned the same day.

March 27.- The brigade again moved.

March 31.- Went into camp for the night at or near Stockton, Ala. The entire road over which the brigade passed was in bad condition, almost impassable, and a great amount of labor was expended in corduroying, in order to permit the artillery and train of the divison to pass.

April 1.- In the morning the brigade left camp at Stockton, Ala.

April 2.- In the morning we arrived in front of the enemy's works at Blakely, from which time to the 9th were engaged in digging entrenchments and gradually advancing our lines.

April 9.- In the evening a charge was made upon the enemy's works at Blakely, in which successful assault the brigade participated.

April 11.- At night we received orders to proceed to Starke's Landing, and remained there until the 14th; were ordered back to Blakely.

April 19.- Received orders to embark on transports and proceed up the Alabama River.

April 22.- Left Mobile Bay.