War of the Rebellion: Serial 103 Page 0024 KY., S. W. VA., TENN., N. &C. GA., MISS., ALA., & W. FLA.

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headquarters leaves Morristown for Lick Creek, which is distant from Morristown by the route which we will have travel twenty-miles. 12m., the First Division reaches Bull's Gap. 3 p. m., Colonel Kirby's brigade reaches Lick Creek. 4. 30 p. m., corps headquarters reaches Lick Creek. Headquarters will remain here (Lick Creek) until the railroad bridge over the same is built. 9 p. m. received telegram from General Elliott, commanding Second Division, at Huntsville. He says that all of the transportation of the corps shipped from that place by 12 m. to-day, except that of Conrad's brigade of his division, and that Van Derveer's brigade of his division was shipped for Bull's Gap at 2 p. m. to-day.


March 28.-6 a. m., the railroad constructions party commences to bridge the creek at this point. That part of General Kimballs division which remained at Bull's Gap moved up to Lick Creek to-day. 3 p. m., received dispatch from General Elliott, at Huntsville, Ala., stating that Opdycke's brigade is being shipped at that place to-day, and that it would at once proceed to Bull's Gap via railroad. Conrad's brigade, the remaining brigade of his division (the Second) will leave Decatur to-morrow or next day. 4 p. m., telegraphed to General Wood to march his division third) from New Market to Bull's Gap, and to start to-morrow if the weather is not too inclement; if it is, to march as soon afterward as practicable.

March 29.- The railroad party continued work on the brigade to-day; are also preparing the railroad for the track. About seven miles of the track from Lick Creek east has been destroyed; also 1,000 feet of trestle-work at Swan Pond, two miles (*or a mile and a half) east of the creek. It is supposed that it will take from six to seven days, if the weather is favorable to reconstruct this part of the railroad destroyed. 11 a. m., received telegram from Knoxville, stating that the railroad bridge at Flat Creek (about ten miles from Knoxville, east_ was destroyed at 9 o'clock this morning by a train breaking through. The train was loaded with troops. Two men killed and several wounded. This will prevent the cars from running on the road until day after to-morrow. General Elliott's troops (two brigades of Second Division have arrived at Knoxville) will stop at Knoxville until the railroad is finished. 6 p. m., commences to rain.

March 30.- It rained very hard last night. Rained during most of the night, and the water has raised four or five feet in Lick Creek. The rain ceased this a. m. at 7 o'clock. Work still progressing on the railroad bridge to-day. Major-General Wood's division (Third) arrived at Morristown last night with all of the transportation of the division. The ambulance corps of this command reached Morristown this morning, and will reach Rogersville Junction, or the vicinity, to-night. 6.30 p. m., heavy wind and rain storm commences. General Wood's division camped at Russellville this p. m. The ambulance corps reached Bull's Gap about dark.

March 31.-It rained during the whole of last night, and Lick Creek is five feet higher this morning. this will interfere some with the work on the brigade. The bridge to be built is 900 feet long. Received dispatch from railroad superintendent at Knoxville stating that the railroad bridge over Flat Creek would be doe at 9 a. m. to-day, and that twelve trains loaded with troops of General Elliott's division would leave Knoxville to day for Rogersville Junction. 7 a. m., the rain has ceased and it is now clearing off. 1 p. m. Major-General Wood's division (Third) arrived in the vicinity of Bull's Gap and gone into