War of the Rebellion: Serial 102 Page 1316 LOUISIANA AND THE TRANS-MISSISSIPPI. Chapter LX.

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depredations by jayhawkers. It is folly to act upon every wild rumor afloat upon the breeze. We must wait and watch, every man doing his duty, until such time as those in authority may determine what is proper to be done. Above all I counsel the Indian nations and the people of each nation to be united and firm.

Your friend,



HOUSTON, May 21, 1865.

Colonel A. SMITH,

Commanding Defenses of Galveston:

Hobby's regiment will come up to-morrow. Send as many stores up to Virginia Point as will not interfere with transportation of Hobby's regiment. See Mr. Brown or agent on this subject. Send Welhausen's battery to-morrow to Virginia Point instead of up to Houston, with authority to Welhausen to march to Houston if he finds want of food, wood, or water at Virginia Point. Send next day, if there be engines enough, most unmanageable regiment of men, accompanied by officers, to Houston, telegraphing up to me by what trains the different companies will go to their homes from this place. State to the troops that all of the Glaveston troops who behave properly shall have honorable discharges, which have already been made out, as they have been true to their trusts. Order all troops which go west to be halted and camped at Harrisburg, where they can get supplies and will start by first train for the west. If there be three engines one can be employed hauling stores to Virginia Point, whilst the others will be engaged in transporting troops. If there be but two, one can transport stores to Virginia Point, whilst the other can transport the men. Reduce the garrisons at Pelican Spit and Bolivar to the lowest point. Be sure to transport to Virginia Point all the artillery on wheels. State to the men who will assist You to the last that it shall be so announced in their discharges. Before the troops are removed from the fronts on Galveston island remove by steamers by night the reduced garrisons at Pelican and Bolivar to the island and march them across the island to Virginia Point. As soon as they are started the last of the troops who garrison the island will march on the same night to Virginia Point. Before which, however, call in Your cavalry and send it by land to Huston and cross all Your trains. Order spades to Virginia Point to dig wells. It is important that the commands are moved by regiments if possible, and that the transportation of each regiment should precede it. Try and persuade the men to let the stores be moved to Virginia Point, and especially the transportation, before they move; and if they will wait four days, until the transportation can be placed at the points at which they leave tey can use the transportation, which they will need greatly. If You have steamers enough send a light-draft one to Liberty, with that portion of Spaight's regiment from that region. The other portion must be sent through Houston to the northern portion of the State. If there are any from the west they must be stopped at Harrisburg and sent forward. The other steamers in the last resort may be loaded with stores and sent to Harrisburg. If the men will wait four days at Galveston, pro rata proportion of clothing will be distributed and sent to them. The above remarks are only suggestions. Vary them to suit circumstances, but parade the troops Monday morning (to-morrow) and explain to them the necessity of a little time in order to give them the necessary trans-