War of the Rebellion: Serial 102 Page 1304 LOUISIANA AND THE TRANS-MISSISSIPPI. Chapter LX.

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where in the Indian Territory. The beef grow thin in being driven to Texas and herded there until brought back under requisitions upon Blossom Prairies or some other exhausted ranges. They get back poor. Our troops must eat the meat, and necessarily deprecate upon the country. This little arrangement of the Texas speculators must be nipped in the bud. Major Thomas You will remember directed or promised that funds should be furnished for the purchase of beef from the front, but his understrappers in Texas take it upon themselves to withhold the money. Please direct Major Oliver to call Major Thomas' attention to the practical working of his system, or, which will be better, perhaps, do it yourself through the adjutant-general at department headquarters. It seems to be the settled purpose of the money changers to ruin this country and break down all military operations in this district to feather their own nests. The thing is intolerable. You can send Colonel Anderson an extract of the above from this letter for his information. We cannot be starved out in this district to please anybody. The consequence will be that the Indians will be forced back into Texas and have to live upon the people there. I think if General Smith knew how his agents manage business he would apply the proper remedy. I desire to call Your attention to another matter nearer home. It is the common "talk" that the 'staff officers at headquarters are whipped. " Great caution should be exercised by persons the people. Please caution the staff. Affairs look gloomy enough, God knows, but an example of cheerfulness and fortitude and hopefulness must be set by the officers before the people.

You will have arrangements made immediately for a daily express to this post and Boggy Depot. Rapid and certain communication is absolutely necessary. Kreel's mail or courier line is a regular humbug. Where is the chief of ordnance? Why is it that there is a deficiency of percussion caps at Washita? See that this is remedied without delay. Have You heard nothing yet from Captain Lewis' case? Has anything been heard relative to Doctor Evans' assignment as medical director? What did Colonel P. P. Pitchlynn say in his speech to the Choctaws? It is reported that the swears I shall not have the troops, but I do not believe it. There cannot, it seems tome, be any question as to the policy [of] organizing for the defense of the country and preservation of order. It must be done. When the Choctaws assemble have a day set for the election of brigadier, allowing time for McCurtain and the Chickasaw Regiment to vote on the same day, and then give the order for the election. I am glad to learn the difficulty between Bryan's battalion and the Chocta There seems to have been an unnecessary excitement about the affair. Prudence and forbearance are requisite under existing circumstances. We must take care not to get up strife among the people and among the troops. I will come down as soon as assured of the safety of this portion of the country. Direct Captain Pulliam to keep up his scouts to the neighborhood of Fort Smith, and to keep his eyes open as to events passing around him. It is now very important to note everything that floats upon the popular current.

Yours, truly,



P. S. -In regard to the Federal reports of what is going on east of the Mississippi and also as to meeting of governors, &c., I shall pay no attention to them, but go ahead without deviation until the Government