War of the Rebellion: Serial 102 Page 1298 LOUISIANA AND THE TRANS-MISSISSIPPI. Chapter LX.

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Abstract from morning report of the troops at Sabine Post, Major Felix C. McReynolds commanding, for May 10, 1865.


for duty.

Command. Off Men Aggr Aggr Remarks

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General staff 7 -- 7 7

Sabine Pass 3 45 59 75 A Company,

Ragsdale's cavalry


Sabine Pass 3 42 57 116 B Company, Spaight's

regiment (Texas)


Fort Griffin 3 81 111 205 Two companies

Thirteenth Texas


Fort Manhassett 3 43 51 68 One company

Thirteenth Texas


Fort Manhassett 2 41 45 78 One company Fourth

Regiment, Arizona


Total 21 252 330 549


HDQRS. NORTHERN SUB-DIST. OF ARK., No. 8. Chalk Bluffs, Ark., May 11, 1865.

I. Having been summoned to surrender by the commanding officer of the U. S. troops in this district, and threatened with an overwhelming force that would necessarily destroy this already impoverished portion of the country if it should move through it, I have taken into consideration the utter destitution of our people north of the Arkansas, and upon the condition that armies of the United States will not march over the land, unless compelled thereto by the movement of the Confederate forces, I have agreed to accept the terms granted to General Robert E. Lee for the Army of Northern Virginia-and to surrender the C. S. troops now in the Northern Sub-District of Arkansas.

II. The C. S. troops east of Cache River and of White River south of the mouth of Cache are ordered to assemble at Wittsburg on the 25th day of May that they may be paroled; and the troops west of Cache River and White River below the mouth of Cache will assemble at Jacksonport, on the 5th day of June, that they may be paroled.

III. Where it is practicable the commanding officers will march their men to the rendezvous; where it is not practicable they will come in such squads or individually as the subsistence on their routes will justify; but each man had better bring his own rations to last him from his home and back.

IV. All public property, such as arms, ammunition, transportation, horses, &c., in possession of the officers or troops, must be brought to these rendezvous, to be turned over to the U. S. authorities; but the private property of all, and the side arms of the officers, will be retained by the owners. A strict compliance with this requirement will be expected, as we must act in good faith if we expect good faith.

V. It is expected that those who desire to accept these terms will be prompt in their attendance at the appointed rendezvous; and those who do not so desire will be gone out of this sub-district before the dates specified, as the alleviation of the suffering of the women and children will be frustrated by those remaining who are not paroled.

VI. C. S. officers, soldiers, and people north of the Arkansas: I have determined upon this surrender strictly from a military necessity and to save this desolated country from the horrors of an invasion in its present condition, and I would beg of You not to falter in Your allegiance to the Confederate States, but be faithful, patient, and endurant, and all will yet be well.


Brigadier-General, Commanding.