War of the Rebellion: Serial 102 Page 1269 Chapter LX. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - CONFEDERATE.

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object proposed, owing to the fact of the district the Prairie Indians had for the Texans, and recommending the appointment of a commissioner also from the State of Louisiana or Arkansas, to act as commissioner with Brigadier-General Throckmorton. In this opinion Brigadier-General Cooper concurred. Official copies of all communications and letters above referred to are inclosed with this correspondence, and by a perusal of the same You will have a complete knowledge of the whole matter and object proposed. After a careful consideration of the views and opinions of Major Vore and Brigadier-General Cooper, last above referred to, I deem it advisable that Major Vore, superintendent and C. S. agent, should accompany the commission. But I am not of the opinion that it would promote success nor do I consider that I have the authority to appoint the representatives for the several Indian tribes. The selection of these, I think, should be left to their own free action. I am, however, of the decided opinion that in view of the long and bloody warfare that has so long and relentlessly been carried on by the wild Comanches and other Indians of the plains with the Texans, and the dread and distrust of the former of the latter, that it would be greatly to the advantage of the public and materially enhance the prospect of success on our part in the object proposed if another commissioner should be appointed from another State than Texas to act conjointly with General Throckmorton in this matter. Actuated with this view of the subject and being fully advised of Your great talent and undoubted patriotism, as well as of Your thorough and intimate knowledge of the Indian character, I will, with Your consent, appoint You from the State of Arkansas as one of the commissioners, acting in conjunction with Brigadier-General Throckmorton, to meet in council as representatives of the Confederate Government, the representatives of the wild Comanches and other Indians of the prairie and from the tribes in alliance with us, for the purpose of concluding with the former a treaty of peace and alliance between them and the Confederate Government. All orders on this subject issued in behalf of Brigadier-General Throckmorton are hereby extended to You, and all powers granted and guaranties and conditions made to him apply in like manner in full force to yourself. If You accept the appointment it is expected that You will enter upon its duties without delay and will proceed as soon as practicable to the headquarters of Brigadier-General Cooper, commanding District of Indian Territory, and there meeting with Brigadier-General Throckmorton, from thence proceed at Your earliest convenience to Council Grove, the place agreed upon for the assemblage of the representatives of the Indian tribes. Brigadier-General Cooper will furnish the necessary escort. Both Brigadier-General Throckmorton and himself have been advised by me of Your appointment. In view of Your acceptance of this appointment an order is inclosed directing Major-General Fagan, commanding District of Arkansas, or any quartermaster in the same, to furnish You at once with any transportation You may require. If You do accept please signify the same in writing by the return courier, in which event this communication and the accompanying papers will be considered official; if You do not, please return the same. I trust, however, that the great need of the country and the valuable services You can render it will cause You not to hesitate to accept it, in which event You will please keep me from time to time well advised of Your movements.

I have the honor to be, with great respect, Your obedient servant,