War of the Rebellion: Serial 102 Page 1255 Chapter LX. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - UNION.

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SAINT LOUIS, MO., November 8, 1865.

(Received 1. 10 p. m.)

Lieutenant-General GRANT:

Dispatch to suspend General Pope's order relative to the discharge of troops in New Mexico is received and orders made accordingly.



SAINT LOUIS, November 8, 1865.

(Received 4. 20 p. m.)

Lieutenant General U. S. GRANT:

General Reynolds is here, and agrees to discharge every volunteer in his department on receiving the Nineteenth Infantry. I will give him three of the Kentucky regiments, and instruct him to muster out all volunteers, and to have the Third Cavalry and Nineteenth Regulars out on the frontier by spring ready for New Mexico, or wherever else required.




Santa Fe, N. Mex., November 10, 1865.


Commanding Fort Sumner, N. Mex.:

MAJOR: I received last evening Your letter of the 6th instant notifying me that You had not succeeded in overtaking the escaped Mescalero Apaches. While it is to be deeply regretted that they managed to get off, there can be no doubt but that Your utmost exertions were made to recapture them. Your sending the force to Fort Stanton to operate against them is approved. A few first-rate Navajoes to trail the Apaches will be of great service. If they can be got to go send Jesus and an officer with them to join Captain Murphy at Fort Stanton. I have ordered Captains Henderson's and Fox's companies to Giddings' Ranch and made them subject to Your orders. It will be well for You to order them to or near Fort Sumner to show the Navajoes that we are observing them. By Monday's mail I will send an order to Fort Bascom for McCabe's company to go to Sumner. You must have a strong cavalry and infantry picket with Your herds, and get some few trusty Navajo spies under a first-rate non-commissioned officer to patrol the country well south of Your herds, to give timely notice of the approach of any party coming to stampede and run off Your stock. As soon as I learn whether or not the troops from California will be permitted to remain here, I can tell whether or not I can have a small force to eastward from Fort Seldon to help Murphy. When the snows commence falling, if the Apaches stay in the Sacramento Mountains we can find them. But it is likely they will at first go to the Guadalupe Mountains or farther south, until they find our efforts to recapture or destroy them cease. Keep Your force in fighting order and all the time on the alert. Watch well the Navajoes. At the same time You do this, do not relax Your efforts to have the land cleared and every plow possible running; nor must You give up Your enterprise in getting down wood. You shall have all help possible, and I count on Your energy, sleepless vigilance, and systematic organization of labor to