War of the Rebellion: Serial 102 Page 1119 Chapter LX. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. -UNION

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by the late chief commissary of subsistence of that department, Major W. H. Thomas, to Captain S. S. Rockwood, commissary of subsistence, Shreveport, La., June 7, 1865. This extract contains a list of all the stores reported as being in the State of Texas. I also inclose a copy of the letter of transmittal of said report by Mr. Thomas, in which he states that "while negotiations for the surrender of the department were pending the depots, so far as heard from, except, Marshall and Shreveport, were rifled by the citizens and soldiers. " If there are subsistence stores at Marshall which belonged to the late rebel army, I have received no report of them other than as shown above, and I have had no communication with that place. I have received a communication dated June 22, 1865, from Mr. Thomas Lanigan, late major and commissary of subsistence of the rebel army, on the staff of Major-General Magruder, from which I extract as follows:

I have the honor to state the commissaries hear from up to this date report all subsistence stores and property in their possession as having been forcibly taken from them by the troops and citizens when the army disbanded, excepting one iron safe, in the hands of Captain D. C. Richardson, late assistant commissary of subsistence, at Harrisburg.

I have received no other reports and know of no other subsistence stores or commissary property which were ever under control of the rebel authorities.

Very respectfully, Your obedient servant,


Lieutenant-Colonel and Chief Commissary of Substance.

[Inclosure Numbers 1.]

List of commissary property received from officers of the rebel service in the State of Texas.

Article. Condition. From whom received.

Iron safe. . Good. . Captain D. C. Richardson

assistant commissary of

subsistence, Harrisburg.



Lieutenant-Colonel and Commissary of Subsistence.

JULY 1, 1865.

[Inclosure Numbers 2.]

List of Government property in possession of Major R. W. Keyworth, commissary of subsistence, late rebel army, at San Antonio, Tex., June 1, 1865.

1 corn mill (incomplete).

1 small iron safe.

1 corn sheller.

1 medium safe.

1 office desk (large).

1 small stove.

1 stovepipe.

2 office chairs.

1 small chair.

18 quires envelope paper (broken).

500 envelopes (large).

8 quires cap paper.

28 papers ink sand.

8 papers ink powder.

1 mucilage bottle.

18 pieces office tape (red).

2 ink erasers.

2 boxes wafers.

325 penholders.

4 ounces sealing wax.

14 sand boxes.

2 wafer boxes.

2 inkstands.

18 pieces India rubber.

2 paper weighs.

1 wafer stamp.

50 quills.

1 bottle ink.


Ex-Major and Commissary.