War of the Rebellion: Serial 102 Page 1115 Chapter LX. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. -UNION

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Fort Riley, Kans., July 22, 1865.

Major General G. M. DODGE,

Commanding Department of the Missouri, Saint Louis, Mo.:

Colonel Leavenworth reports that four Kiowa men and four women arrived from the south on the 18th instant; that they were a delegation from the Apache, Arapahoe, Comanche, Cheyenne, and Kiowa tribes to ask for peace, and state that all the tribes are ready to comply with the President's wishes, and that the war on their part is at an end; that all our trains and wagons may travel safely, and that the chiefs of the respective tribes will come in at once and arrange for a general conference. If the above is all true it would seem better, perhaps, not to terminate the present interview of Colonel Leavenworth with these tribes. Having no acquaintance whatever with Colonel Leavenworth, I am in doubt as to how much wight to give to his reports, or whether the interest of the Government require that his interviews should terminate or not. I have though some of going to him and conferring with the Indians. I should like directions or suggestions from You in regard to the matter. I have delayed starting west three or Your days beyond the time mentioned in my previous dispatch, waiting for some ambulances and to get forward some supplies, but now desiring leaving on Monday and moving the columns as soon as I reach Fort Larned. Should like to hear from You before leaving; also to learn if the Eighth Illinois or any other troops are en route for this place.


Brevet Major-General, Commanding.


Fort Riley, Kans., July 22, 1865.


U. S. Indian Agent, Little Arkansas:

COLONEL: The following dispatch has just been received:

SAINT LOUIS, MO., July 19, 1865.

General SANBORN,

Fort Riley:

The following extract from Secretary Harlan's instructions to the Indian Bureau is telegraphed for You information (full copy sent by mail*):


"Washington, July 11, 1865.

" It is deemed proper, and it will be the policy of the Department, in the future management of our Indian relations with tribes or bands in hostility with the United States, to subordinate its actions and intercourse with them to the policy and operations of the War Department pending such hostilities; and, on the other hand, with respect to Indians in amity with the United States it is expected, and not doubted, that the officers of the War Department will co-operate with the peaceful intercourse of this Department with these tribes. I have therefore to request that You will instruct the several superintendents and agents not to deliver goods, money, or other property to any Indian nation, tribe, or band while they are in hostility to the Government, and to suspend all intercourse with such Indians excepting so far as the same may be sanctioned by the officers of the War Department. "



From Your last report I have not deemed it advisable to terminate the interview which You are now having with the hostile tribes of


* Omitted, as it contains no additional informant ion of military importance.