War of the Rebellion: Serial 102 Page 1104 Chapter LX. LOUISIANA AND THE TRANS-MISSISSIPPI.

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Whereas the object of this confederation of these Indian nations is to maintain the integrity of the Indian Territory as the present and future home of our race, to preserve and perpetuate the national rights and franchises of the several nations, to cultivate peace, harmony, and fellowship; and

Whereas it is the earnest desire of this grand council that all strife, feuds, and hostilities among Indians should cease, and that our great principle, "An Indian shall not spill another Indian's blood," be universally adopted by all nations and tribes of Indians: Therefore

Resolved by the grand council of the united nations of the Indian Territory, That the principal chiefs and governors of the nations here represented constitute a committee who are requested and authorized to extend, in tie name of this confederation, the hand of fellowship to all nations of Indians.

Resolved further, That the said executives be requested and authorized to communicate the wishes and intentions of this grand council to the proper authorities of the Cherokee, Seminole, Creek, Osage, and all other nations of Indians now in alliance with the Government of the United States and at hostilities with these nations, and to invite Indians to become parties to this confederation and to co-operate with this council in its efforts to contract anew friendly relations with the United States Government.

Resolved further, That the governors or principal chiefs of the Cherokees, Creek, Seminole, Chickasaw, and Choctaw Nations, by and with the consent of their respective councils, be and they are hereby, authorized to appoint one or more commissioners, not to exceed five from each nation, to represent the interests of such nation at the city of Washington, and who shall be clothed with full powers to negotiate with the United States Government such strategies as the exigencies of affairs may seem to demand.

Resolved further, That any once or more of such persons authorized to be appointed may act as proxies for the remainder should it be out of their power to proceed in person to Washington City. Said delegates will be authorized and directed to invite the United Stated Government to send commissioners within this Territory to treat with tribes of this confederation who may not be represented at Washington City.

Resolved further, That no treaty made under the provisions of these resolutions shall be binging until ratified by the national councils of the respective tribes making the same.

Resolved further, That said delegates be instructed to communicate with the proper military authorities of the United States for the purpose of effecting a cessation of hostilities in order that there be time and opportunity to negotiate with the United States Government; also to obtain form said military authorities a passport to the city of Washington, and further urge upon said military authorities, in order to avoid collision, the propriety of sending no forces into the Indian Territory until they, the said delegates, may confer with the United States Government for the established of permanent peace.

Approved June 16, 1865.


Chief Creek Nation.


Second Chief Creek Nation.


Principal Chief Seminoles.