War of the Rebellion: Serial 102 Page 0983 Chapter LX. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. -UNION.

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Powder River, the portable steam mill might be used at Kearny, Cottonwood, or such point as You deem best. I think I shall put some kind of a bridge across the Platte at or near Kearny. My engineer has gone up to examine. The portable steam mill might be used there or at Cottonwood. Is there plenty of timber at those two points?



ALBUQUERQUE, N. MEX., June 23, 1865.

Brigadier General J. H. CARLETON,

Commanding Department of New Mexico:

GENERAL: As I think You will be anxious to learn how the preparations to intercept the runaways are progressing, I take this occasion to inform You that 75 of the 100 men whom You authorized Ambrosia Armijo to raise have started yesterday under command of Inez Perea and with Blas Lucero as guide. I gave orders that the company should take up a position east of Canon Carnuel, sending out spies into the open country, and to be vigilant and watchful. I also directed the commander to promptly communicate with Captain Shinn, informing him of the locality of his camp and to place himself under Captain Shinn's orders when the captain connects with him. Don Ambrosia experienced great embarrassment from parties in town who have opposed the reservation, and who are, in my opinion, now glad that a portion of the Navajoes have run away. However, he did all he could and raised his men. They had no arms and although I had no orders to arm them, I deemed it my duty to supply them from the arms in the post ordnance store-room. The arms I furnished were mostly arms that had been previously seized from citizens as U. S. property. I did all in my power by advice and otherwise to assist Ambrosia Armijo, and the large company was escorted out of town by many citizens. The men gave three cheers on leaving For General Carleton, department commander, and they also cheered Don Ambrosia Armijo and the Delegate Francis Perea. They are a hardy set of men and as many of them are well off they are well mounted and will do good service if they meet the Indians. Salvador Armijo boasted the evening before that he would raise 300 men, but all the effort he made was to induce some of Ambrosia's men to leave the company on the plea that they belonged to the militia. I have issued a small supply of camp and garrison equipage to the company, which, I trust, will be approved. I expect to be able to forward twenty-five mounted men this afternoon, wich will make the company 100 strong. I have ordered Captain Lerma with his militia company to patrol in the vicinity of the crossing near Alameda and to attack any party of Navajo Indians attempting to cross. I keep a picket at the crossing below Beard's Ranch and I also patrol the river road toward Los Pinos. Brigadier-General Ewing, New Mexico Militia, has called out four companies of militia, but I am certain that there is little zeal displayed in the matter. When they present themselves I will supply them with rations, and should I receive no orders from department headquarters I shall send them to such points as I think most important, being of course guided in that matter by the latest intelligence from my spies.

I remain, general, very respectfully, Your obedient servant,


Captain, First New Mexico Cavalry.