War of the Rebellion: Serial 102 Page 0967 Chapter LX. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. -UNION.

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sized speeder, 3 spinning frames, 4 reels, 1 ---, 1 ---, 2 wool cards complete, double cylinder, with clothing; 7 power looms complete, 23 flying shuttles, hand looms, 2 wool jacks, 2 condensing cylinder cards, 1 spooling mill complete, 11 spinning wheels, 4 harness frames, and 5 sets dyeing frames, 1 steam engine, 14-inch cylinder, with two 18-foot boilers, purchased of J. W. Vaughn, which engine and boilers were never paid for by the Confederate States, together with 1 flour mill and bolting cloths purchased of said party; 1 sliding lathe, 1 turning lathe, 1 fan planer, 1 gear cutter, 1 press drill, 1 wood-screw cutting machine, 2 bench vises, 1 foundry fan with necessary shafting, and 3 sets blacksmith's tools complete; a large amount of carpenters' tools; 1 engine, 10-inch cylinder, 24-foot boilers, which said engine is claimed as the property of J. B. Hall, of Arkansas. it was never transferred to or purchased by me, and consequently never appeared upon my papers as C. S. property; also 1 engine, 9-inch cylinder, locomotive built, purchased of Washington Ingram, of Warren County, Tex., but the agreement of purchase was never complied with upon the part of the Confederate States, as was the case in relation to the engine purchased of J. W. Vaughn. All the property herein mentioned appeared upon my papers and is believed by me to have been the property of the Confederate States. On or about the 27th day of May, 1865, I, as quartermaster, C. S. Army, had in my possession as the property of the Confederate States the following other property, to wit: 65 mules, 18 wagons, 65 set mule harness, 4,000 pairs shoes, 10,000 pounds of leather, 13,000 5-pound bales of spinning thread, 12,000 yards ---, and 11,000 suits of soldiers' clothing, 10,000 suits of which were in store at Navasota; 48,000 pounds of iron, 500 pairs blankets, 500 hats, 40,000 pounds of wool, --- pounds of cotton, a large amount of machinery belting, all of and every movable part of which has been forcibly taken out of my possession by citizens and soldiers, notwithstanding every effort was made upon my part to prevent the same. At the tanyard, which was the private property of D. R. Jenkins, the Confederate States had in vat a large amount of hides, as well as not in vat, all of which have been taken and carried away without my consent or that of my agent, D. R. Jenkins.

All of which is respectfully submitted.

Very respectfully, Your obedient servant,


Major and Quartermaster, C. S. Army.


I hereby certify that I am civil and mechanical engineer of the Confederate States works at Mound Prairie, Anderson County, Tex., and that from my own personal knowledge I know that the above statement is true.


Engineer of Government Works, Mount Prairie, Tex.


Thibodeaux, La., June 22, 1865.


Asst. Adjt. General, Southern Division of Louisiana, New Orleans:

I have just received a telegram from Lieutenant-Colonel Atkins, commanding at Brashear, who says that Mayor Tucker (rebel), of Franklin,