War of the Rebellion: Serial 102 Page 0966 LOUISIANA AND THE TRANS-MISSISSIPPI. Chapter LX.

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to be collected and forwarded to Shreveport Arsenal the ordnance stores at Marshall, together with the tools, materials, &c., via Shreveport and Marshal Railroad, which is understood to be in good condition to within fifteen miles of Shreveport. The idea of having these stores collected at Shreveport is an excellent one, and will prevent the loss of time in shipping when the stage of water in the river will permit. I would recommend that an ordnance sergeant, or some employ of the ordnance department who understands the handling of powder and niter, be sent without delay to assist the acting ordnance officer in his labors in that portion of the country. Also, that a competent mechanic (a machinist would be preferable) be sent to Shreveport to superintend the removal of the machinery, tools, &c.

Respectfully submitted.


Captain and Assistant Chief of Ordnance, Department of the Gulf.

[Inclosure Numbers 4.]


Shreveport, June 13, 1865.

Lieutenant Colonel C. T. CHRISTENSEN,

New Orleans:

COLONEL: Inclosed find a report of Major J. J. Bushy in relation to the Mound Prairie Government Works in Anderson County, Tex. These works were built by the Confederate Government and are said to be the best in the South. The manufactured and unmanufactured material has been carried off by the mob. The wife of Major Busby lives in a house attached to the works and has the deeds of the property. I have telegraphed a prominent citizen at Rusk that the residents will be held responsible for this property until the arrival of the U. S. agents. They have, since the receipt of my telegram, placed a guard of citizens over the property. I send forward these papers that they may go to the proper officers in Texas, and the matter receive attention.

Very respectfully, Your obedient servant,




SHREVEPORT, LA., June 11, 1865.

Major General F. J. HERRON, U. S. Army,

Commanding Northern Division of Louisiana:

SIR: I have the honor to communicate that I, as late major and quartermaster, C. S. Army, have been stationed in charge of the depot for the manufacture of clothing for the C. S. Army at Mound Prairie, Anderson County, State of Texas. I would therefore respectfully represent that in obedience to an order of General E. K. Smith, commanding Trans-Mississippi Department, C. S. Army, I purchased 640 acres of land of Daniel Hossell and A. J. Rawlings, of Anderson County, State of Texas, in my name, for the use and benefit of the Confederate States; that I proceeded to erect and did erect upon said lands 1 saw-mill, flour and grist mill house, 1 building for cotton machinery; also 1 building for machine shop, blacksmith shop, and foundry; also 1 shoe shop, tin shop, harness shop, and 2 warehouses; also 13 log tenements and 14 frame dwelling houses of 31 rooms, stables, mule sheds, and 1 large dwelling house, now in the occupancy of the Honorable J. W. Bocage. The cotton-spinning machinery consisted, as follows, of 4 cotton carders, 2 railway heads and tracks, 1 draining frames, 1 double-