War of the Rebellion: Serial 102 Page 0951 Chapter LX. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. -UNION.

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carried out. I am forwarding troops and supplies to Laramie as rapidly as possible after arriving at this point. The Sixteenth Kansas Cavalry has gone forward to Laramie. Four companies of the Sixth U. S. Volunteers will start from here for Laramie to-morrow. I am only delayed now for want of subsistence stores. I have not to exceed twenty days' rations on hand, including this point and Laramie, but I am daily expecting supplies to arrive. The Indians are becoming very bold, and lately have been successful in everything they have undertaken; but I confidently hope, with the assistance You are giving me, to accomplish what is desired to be accomplished this summer. It was impossible for me to start out prior to this date. The stock I had was very inferior, and there was not enough of transportation for the absolute wants of an expedition. An expedition started under such circumstances would have resulted in a complete failure and the Indians would have played around and laughed at me. Colonel Moonlight has been unfortunate in his dealings with Indians since assuming command of North Sub-District. I have relieved him, and fill further investigate his conduct. I am glad that a regiment is going out on Republican Fork. I was just on the point of telegraphing (when Your letters were received) asking You to end one of the regiments coming to me to that place. I will place Brevet Brigadier-General Heath in command of the East sub-District, as Colonel Livingston will soon by mustered out. He will be instructed to co-operate with troops sent to Republican Fork and south of his sub-district. A portion of Colonel Cole's command arrived at Omaha at Sunday. I hope the remaining portion will arrive speedily, as every hour is precious. He should arrive at Black Hills as soon as I do, but I fear will not. The horses lost by Colonel Moonlight day before yesterday were California horses, belonging to the California companies recently from Utah. They were the best horses I had for the present service.

Very respectfully, Your obedient servant,


Brigadier-General, Commanding.


Julesburg, Colo. Ter., June 20, 1865.

Governor JOHN EVANS,

Denver, Colo. Ter.:

It is reported to me that the Utes are near Craig's Ranch, killing cattle, and generally insolent and defiant. Can You not see them and endeavor to prevent a collision with the whites? I have no troops to spare at present to send to that part of the country.




In the Field, Fort Halleck, Dak. Ter., June 20, 1865.

Lieutenant-Colonel PLUMB:

You are hereby directed on Your arrival at this post to march as soon as possible with two companies of Your command for Sulphur Springs and Green River, and while en route You will station at the different stage stations (leaving out Fort Halleck) eight men with one non-com-