War of the Rebellion: Serial 102 Page 0943 Chapter LX. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. -UNION.

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fifty mounted men to join Captain Shinn at once by way of Los Pinos. Get Don Ambrosia Armijo to raise 100 picket, well-mounted men, Americans and Mexicans, with Blas Lucero for guide, and then go with or as soon as practicable join Captain Shinn. Get General Clever, to raise 100 men, Mexicans and Americans, and proceed to Galisteo, or some point fifteen or twenty miles from there in the direction of Anton Chico, where through his spies he can get an idea as to the whereabouts of the Indians, with a view of attacking them or of joining Captain Shinn or the armed party nearest to him, as circumstances may require. I wish Colonel Brown to raise another 100 men, including the men he can get at Fort Marcy, and proceed with them to Don Serafin Ramirez's place, beyond the Placer Mines, and there throw out spies toward the east to observe the motions of the Indians and to attack any and all parties of Navajoes of which he can obtain information and can reach. Doctor Brown will go with Colonel Brown. See the Governor and get him to confirm all this and get him to write to all the principal citizens to aid in this matter at once. I hope it will be the last as it has been the first time that Navajoes will attempt to escape from the reservation. Do all this promptly; if necessary his transportation; furnish rations from the Government supplies; then place yourself with the command of Captain Shinn, and there in my name give such orders for the combination and supply of these forces, the sending out of spies, the attacking of the Navajoes, the protection of the people, and the getting such Navajoes as may be captured back to the Bosque Redondo as in Your judgement may be for the best until You hear further from me. Say to the Governor that the 100 men that may be called out under General Montoya, Ambrosia Armijo, General Clever, and Colonel Brown I will endeavor to get paid by the Government. Such other parties of citizens as may go out to attack these Indians shall be rewarded with all the stock they can recover from them. It is probable that the Indians, many of them, are embarrassed with their women and childrenvel as fast as war parties. Tell the Governor to send word to owners of stock to get their stock to places of security until this matter is ended. It is likely that many of the Indians of Santo Domingo, Isleta, Sandia, and San Felipe may desire to go. If so, authorize and urge them to do so. Let everything be done quickly, but let be nothing like a stampede. I shall go to Fort Union to-morrow, and having seen the Congressional committee shall go to the Bosque as soon as possible, when, having learned more definitely about the matter, will give You further information. Have some spies, to be sure that the Indians do not pass down the river with a view of crossing the Rio Grande at some point on the Jornada. Captain Fountain, at Parage, would be one good man to employ on this business. The people of Chillili, Manzano, Torreon, and Punta de Agua are well acquainted with the country east of those places, and good spies can be got from among them.

I have the honor to be, major, very respectfully, Your obedient servant,


Brigadier-General, Commanding.

NOTE. -You will order Doctor Foye to accompany Rigg. I beg You to bear in mind that in this matter time is precious. Colonel Rigg will be ordered to start at once, without waiting for the troops ordered from below to arrive at Fort Craig. Give directions that no women nor children be killed.

J. H. C.