War of the Rebellion: Serial 102 Page 0784 LOUISIANA AND THE TRANS-MISSISSIPPI. Chapter LX.

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Iowa can relieve the company of One hundred and twenty-sixth Illinois under Captain Knox at mouth of the river. Captain Knox should rejoin his regiment at Pine Bluff soon as practicable, at least so soon as his services as provost-marshal can be dispensed with.



Assistant Adjutant-General.


Major-General POPE:

The Secretary of War sent an order to me, I think through your headquarters, to remove all trespassers on the Delaware Reservation in land of the Union Pacific Railroad. The order was very stringent. General Mitchell proceeded to remove them, and several residents, one man named J. Dally, returned after being removed, and resisted. He was arrested and is now waiting trial. Judge Brewer, or district court, served writ of habeas corpus on me to appear and show cause of detention of the person Dally. I appeared to-day, and made answer as follows: Under General Orders, No. 315, War Department, 1863, the person named in this writ is detained by me as a prisoner, under authority of the President of the United Stats. Judge Brewever says that the answer is not sufficient, does not recognize the Secretary of War, but says I must answer under what clause of the proclamation of the President he is held (see last part of first section of President's proclamation, General Orders, No. 315), and has given me until to-morrow noon to amend my answer. If I do not amend they propose, of course, to arrest me. I wish to avoid this, though I am advised that my answer is sufficient. Please advise me if I am, and what clause shall I state he is held under. You are aware, if I quote a clause and they should prove he is not held under it, then I am personally amenable. This is an important case. If the man is released we cant' carry out the order of the Secretary of War. There are some hundred trespassers who have had to remove, and who are all interested. I went to the court, saw the judge, and informed him I was disposed to comply with all orders of court and not to fight it; that I would consult you and make final answer to-morrow. Don't fail to answer to-morrow.



CAPE GIRARDEAU, June 5, 1865-1 p. m.

General EWING,


Our men go in pursuit of the guerrillas who killed Mr. Hicks, and ran them into Mingo Swamp, where they scattered and the cover is so dense that they could not be followed. Three men who had been harboring them were taken, and attempting to escape were shot and killed.


Colonel, Commanding.