War of the Rebellion: Serial 102 Page 0710 LOUISIANA AND THE TRANS-MISSISSIPPI. Chapter LX.

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east (Sand Hill) being forty miles from here and the farthest one west (Dennison's Ranch) distant forty-five miles. These troops are stationed as previously indicated "for the protection of the property of the Overland Stage Company, the telegraph line, and emigrants. " On the 12th of May I assumed command of the garrison, at the same time assumed command of my regiment by virtue of orders from Major-General Dodge, commanding Department of the Missouri. On the 15th instant the garrison was again re-enforced by Company g, of the Sixteenth Kansas Volunteer Cavalry. On the 26th instant, by order of Brigadier-General Connor, the detachment of Company C, Seventh Iowa Cavalry, was ordered away from the garrison with instructions to report to the headquarters of the company at Beauvais Station, twenty-five miles east of here. It took up the line of march the next morn for station. During the time in which I have been in command no scouting parties as such have been sent out. I have sent out several parties to discover if possible a supply of wood for the use of this camp, more acceptable than Mud springs. My efforts in that direction have been somewhat successful, but no entirely satisfactory. Future search may and will I hope prove more successful and the interest of the public service be better subserved in this respect than heretofore. As nothing of importance occurred during the time these expeditions were out. I refrain from mentioning the lesser details of their movements. I now have a party of 50 men, 51 horses, 20 wagons, and 122 mules out under charge of Lieutenant Charles A. Small, Company A, Pawnee Scouts, for the purpose above mentioned. As soon as he shall have made a report to me of his trip I will forward you a copy and will take pains to comply strictly with the requirements of Circular Numbers 2.

I am, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Colonel Third U. S. Volunteer Infantry, Commanding Camp.

SAINT PAUL, MINN., May 31, 1865.

(Received 9. 20 a. m. June 1.)

Major-General POPE:

Better send regiment of cavalry. Will discharge or remove infantry as soon as excess of force ascertained. Most of the murderers of the Jewett family have been caught and killed. Commander at Fort Abercrombie reports threatened assault from Devil's Lake. Will report after further examination.



SAINT LOUIS, May 31, 1865.

Major-General CURTIS,

Saint Paul:

Please inform me what general officers in your command desire to remain in the service, with your remarks about the character and qualifications of each. I wish to send list to Washington. Do you yourself desire to remain in the command?