War of the Rebellion: Serial 102 Page 0611 Chapter LX. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - UNION.

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Saint Louis, Mo., May 26, 1865.

Major General J. J. REYNOLDS,

Commanding Department of Arkansas, Little Rock, Ark.:

GENERAL: I inclose herewith a copy of a dispatch* from the General-in-Chief, in relation to the starving people about Fort Gibson. Of course you will understand that the necessary relief must be furnished to all such persons, and for such length of time and under such conditions as may be considered judicious. Being on the groung, you can judge better than myself what are the proper means to be adopted. It would seem that such as are able should pay, either by labor, money, or productions, for what they receive from the United States in the way of provisions. A fair exchange of commodities in their possession for provisions belonging to the United States should, I think, be established. It does not seem to me wise to support in idleness any who are able to work, and when work cannot be had and it becomes necessary to subsist suffering people, they should be employed by the Government in some way, to compensate the United State for supplies give them. One thing must be held in view, and that is that these people be not permitted to suffer for food. The manner and the conditions for supplying them and of receiving some sort of compensation therefor, either in labor or otherwise, together with all necessary regulations on the subject, you will please determine and carry out, furnishing a report of your action from time to time to these headquarters.

I am, general, respectfully, your obedient servant,


Major-General, Commanding.


New Orleans, La., May 26, 1865.

Major General J. J. REYNOLDS,

Commanding Department of Arkansas:

Inclosed I transmit for your information copies of terms of a military convention entered into * * * for the surrender of the troops and public property under control of the military and naval authorities of the Trans-Mississippi Department and of three supplemental articles. +Although by the stipulation of the latter the troops and property to be surrendered within the limits of the Division of the Missouri are to be turned over to commissioners appointed by the commander of that division, I would recommend and request that in anticipation of the receipt of orders on this subject from Major-General Pope, you appoint at once commissioners to receive the paroles of officers and men within the limits of your command, and designate officers of the respective staff departments to receive such property as may be surrendered to them. Much confusion and dissatisfaction and much loss of property will be avoided by prompt action in these matters.


E. . R. S. CANBY,

Major-General, Commanding.


*See Grant to Pope, p. 611.

+See p. 600.