War of the Rebellion: Serial 102 Page 0315 Chapter LX. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. -UNION.

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Springfield, Mo., May 4, 1865.


Cassville, Mo.:

Existing orders prohibit the use of Government horses for any purpose except that of scouting and carrying dispatches. Enlisted men may furnish their own horses at that post if they desire and receive such forage as the Government furnishes there. it will be but little till the crop matures. Scatter some men around in the country on foot and waylay those bushwhackers. If there is a Confederate officer of any responsibility or standing in that vicinity I wish you would obtain a conference with him and inform him that all the Confederate armies east of the river have surrendered, and see if he will not also surrender his forces. If he will do so, the men upon taking the amnesty oath may retain all their private arms and property, making an invoice of the public property in their possession for the adjutant-General of Arkansas. If they will do this, I will remove all restrictions to trade immediately, and the people of Northern Arkansas can cultivate their lands again and live in peace and plenty once more.


Brigadier-General, Commanding.


Camp Douglas, Utah Ter., May 4, 1865.


Actg. Asst. Adjt. General, District of the Plains,

Denver City, Colo. Ter.:

CAPTAIN: I have the honor to represent the following facts, which are respectfully submitted for the consideration and action of the general commanding: It has come to my knowledge from various trustworthy sources that a system of espionage and insolent interference with the affairs of individuals not belonging to the Mormon Church has been organized in Great Salt Lake City, under the auspices and by dictation of Brigham Young and others of the church authorities. I think its origin may be safely ascribed to the parties named, as they have very recently, at different times and places, in the presence of respectable witnesses, fully indorsed and recommended the unlawful proceedings that have swiftly and significantly followed such authorization. The footsteps of Gentiles, even the most respectable, are persistently dogged about the streets after night-fall by parties evidently sent to watch them, and recently this annoyance has become so impertinent, and there has been shown such a disposition to violence on the part of these spies, that citizens, considering their lives in danger, have called upon me for protection, which, if found necessary, I shall give unless otherwise directed by the general commanding. On the night of the 1st instant several persons, walking quietly on the streets in company with ladies, were stopped and insolently questioned as to their business by men who when asked by what authority they acted answered "that they came to this country first and intended to do about as they pleased. "

In one case a soldier was suddenly assaulted by three men and beaten with a pistol, or other weapon, and two pistols which he carried, one belonging to the Government, taken from him and not since returned. I am persuaded from representations made to me by citizens that there exists a systematic determination to harass and proscribe