War of the Rebellion: Serial 102 Page 0281 Chapter LX. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - UNION.

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MERIDIAN, May 1, 1865.

Brigadier- General TUCKER:

An armistice was agreed upon by Generals Taylor and Canby on the 29th to apply to all troops under their respective commands. Hostilities may be renewed by either party upon giving forty- eight hours' notice to the other. Present position of troops to remain unchanged until such notice shall be given or received. Pickets to continue at present stations. No scouting to be done by either party outside of his own picket- lines. particulars will be published in orders . You will give such orders to your picket s and scouts as observance of this armistice requires. notify Federal commander at Vicksburg, who will receive notice in due course from Major- General Canby.

By order of Lieutenant-General Taylor:


Assistant Adjutant-General.


Vicksburg, Miss., May 1, 1865.

Lieutenant Commander WILLIAM R. HOEL,

Commanding Naval District, U. S . S. Vindicator:

I have the honor herewith to inclose a copy of a telegram this moment received from Major- General Thomas, informing me of the intended crossing of Jeff. Davis toward Texas with his co- conspirators and their plunder. It appears to me hardly possible, on account of te very great overflow, m that he can cross at any point above here, except by seizing one or more of the cotton- trading boats now up the Yazoo River, and running out of that stream. Should you know of any point on the river where he could approach between here and Friar's Point I could send a detachment of infantry there. It appears to me of the greatest importance that the river should be actively patrolled, the mouth of the Yazoo strongly guarded, and cotton- boats carefully examined, and theat every cotton- trading boat within your district should be required for the present to lie closely under your guns. It is in the power of Jeff Davis treacherously to seize several small boats now up the Yazoo. load them with his dismounted cavalry or other troops, and run down that river with the view of surprising and capturing, by boarding, any one gunboat there. This being the case, I hope you will pardon the liberty I take in suggesting that the Louisville and at least one other gun- boat be stationed there, using every possible precaution against a daring attempt at surprise. I have no cavalry to aid your efforts, having ordered half of all I have to te vicinity of Rodney and Bruinsburg and the other half below Natchez, but where infantry will answer I can send it.

I am, very respectfully,


Major- General.


NASHVILLE, April 27, 1865.


Memphis, Tenn:

It is reported that JEFF. Davis is endeavoring to escape across the Mississippi, escorted by a picked body of 500 cavalry. Keep scouts