War of the Rebellion: Serial 102 Page 0023 Chapter LX. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - UNION.

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WESTON, April 3, 1865.


DEAR SIR: I am very sorry to say the bushwhackers are again making their appearance in our midst. Thirty-five were seen last week in one squad in Clay County. One was killed last week some eight miles from here, on the Plattsburg road some two or three days since. Two were captured at Smithville, in the edge of Clay on Saturday night last. Yet these very men who are feeding and harboring them will tell you that everything is quiet, and that three-fourths of the men in Platte County are loyal and desire peace. I will admit such to be the case according to a rebel's idea of loyalty and desire for peace, but not on the terms of Union men or radicals. They wish to keep many if not all the rebels who were elected last fall in this county in office by representing them as loyal men; yet there is not one of them who did not do all in his power to defeat the radical and to elect the McClellan, Price & Co. ticket. The true men, governor, want none but radicals put in office in this county, and, in fact, I feel confident we shall never have peace here until we have radical officers throughout the county. I am now slowly recovering from a very severe attack of erysipelas, and between this time and the 1st of May will be in your city, and hope as a matter of favor to our party you will hold open the appointments for our county until I see you. We remember with great satisfaction your remark on the 11th of January, "If there was but one Union man in a county that county belonged to him, and he should be protected. " Thank God there are a few Union men of 1861 here, an I know you will protect them. If you should at any time have a leisure moment, I should be pleased to hear from you.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,




Macon, Mo., April 3, 1865.

* * * * * *

3. Captain William F. Flint, Company F, Forty-third Infantry Missouri Volunteers, will proceed with his company without delay to Kansas City, Mo., reporting on his arrival at that point to Colonel Chester Harding, Jr., commanding Forty-third Infantry Missouri Volunteers, for duty.

4. Commanding officer Company E, Ninth Cavalry Missouri State Militia will proceed with his company without delay to Macon, Mo., reporting on his arrival to Captain F. W. Fuchs, commanding Post and Sub-District of Macon, for duty.

* * * * * *

6. Captain Luman W. Story, Missouri Militia having reported at these headquarters with a full company of Missouri Volunteer Militia, organized under General Orders, No. 3, current series, headquarters State of Missouri, and General Orders, No. 28, current series, headquarters Department of the Missouri, is hereby with his entire company ordered into active service and will forthwith report in person at these headquarters for orders.

* * * * * *

8. Captain A. Denny's company, Volunteer Missouri Militia, organized under General Orders, No. 3, headquarters State of Missouri, current series, and General Orders, No. 28, headquarters Department