War of the Rebellion: Serial 100 Page 0878 N. C., S. C., S. GA., AND. E. FLA. Chapter LIX.

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Burford's (William G.) Infantry. See Tennessee Troops, Confederate, 8th, 16th, and 28th Regiments.

Bussey's (Hezekiah) Infantry. See Georgia Troops, 27th Regiment.

Bushwell's (Nicholas C.) Infantry. See Illinois Troops, 93rd Regimetn.

Carmicahael's (James C.) Infantry. See new York Troops, 157th Regiment.

Caswell's (Theodore D.) Sharpshooters. See Georgia Troops, 4th B attalion.

Charles' (William E.) Heavy Artillery. See Suth Carolina Troops, 2nd Regiment, Battery D.

Chathalm Artillery. See Geoargia Troops.

Chesterfield Artillery. See Suth Carolina Troops.

Chipman's (Henry L.) Infantry. See Union Troops, Colored, 102nd Regimetn.

Clark; s (Jeremiah S.) Artillery. See union Troops, Colored, 2nd Regiment, Battery G.

Clyburn's (William) Infantry. See Suth Carolina Toops, 7th Battalion.

Colvin's (James A.) Infnatry. See New York Troops, 169th Regiment.

Colwell's (Augustus W.)Heavy Artillery. See Rhode Island Troops, 3rd Regiment, 1st Battalion.

Cook's (Gustave) Cavalry. See Texas Troops, 8th Regiment.

Cooper's (John S.) Infantry. See Ohio Troops, 107th Regiment.

Crook's (H. W.) Infantry. See Mississippi Troops, Confederate, 8th and 23rd Regiments.

Cumming's (James D.) Artillery. See North Carolina Troops, Confedeare, 13th Battalion, Battery C.

Daniel's (Charles P.) Infantry. See Georgia Troops, 5th Regiemtn.

Darden's (Alfred M.) Artillery. See North Carolina Troops, Confedeare, 3rd Battalion, Battery C.

Davis' (John B.) Infnatry. Se South Carolina Troops, 15th Regiment.

Davis' (John W.) Infnatry. See Alabama Troops, Confederate, 20th Regiment.

Day's (Samuel C.) Artillery. See New York Troops, 3rd Regiment, Battery F.

Dazey's (N. L.) Infantry. See Mississippi Troops, Confederate, 23rd Regiment.

Deakins' (George S.) Infntry. See Tennessee Troops, Confederate, 35th Regiment.

De Pass' (W. L.) Artillery. See palmetto Artillery. post Battery. G.

Dixon's (William J.) Infantry. See Georgia Troops, 63rd Regiment.

Eagle's (James P.) Mounted Rifles. See Arkansas Troops, 2nd Regiment.

Earle's (William E.) Artillery. See Palmetto Artillery, post, Battery A.

Edwards' (Nathaniel M.) Engineers. See New York Troops, 1st Regiment.

Elgin Artillery. See Illinois Troops.

Ellis' (Anddrew J.) Artillery. See North Carolina Troops, Confederate, 3rd Battalion, Battery A.

English's (George H.) Infnatry. See Illinois Troops, 32nd Regiment.

Flaherty's (Edmond) Infantry. See Georgia Troops, 1st Regiment, Volunteers.

Foster's (William G.) Infantry. See Georgia Troops, 65th Regiment.

Fox's (Charles B.) Infantry. See Massachusetts Troops, 55th Regiment, Colored.

Gaillard's (Charstopher) Artillery. See Santee Artillery, post.

Galloway's (Morton G.) Mounted Rifles. See Arkansas Troops, 3rd Regiment.

Gamble's (David C.) Infantry. See Illinois Troops, 66th Regiment.

German Artillery. See Soops.

German Artillery B attalion. See South Carolina Troops.

Gilbert's (John E.) Infantry. S ee Alabama Troops, Confederate, 50th Regimetn.

Goggans' (Elijah J.) Infantry. See Suth Carolina Troops, 7th Regiment.

Gordon's (James C.) Infantry. See Confederate Troops, Regulars, 1st Regiment; also Gergia Troops, 66th Regiment.

Grant's (Marcus) Engineers. See michigan Troops, 1st Regimeent.

Greene's (James D.) Infantry. See unio Troops, Regulars, 6th fRegiment.

Griffis' (E. H.) Infantry. See Missisippi Troops, Confederate, 1st Battalion.

Groover's (Johbn F.) Infantry See Georgia Troops, 40th Regiment.

Guerard's (John M.) Artillery. See Georgia Troops.

Guernsey's (William B.) Infantry. See Union Troops, COlored, 26th Regiment.