War of the Rebellion: Serial 100 Page 0857 Chapter LIX. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - CONFEDERATE.

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Near Greensbourgh, N. C., April 30, 1865.

Major J. B. Eustis is announced as aide- de- camp to General Johnston.

By command of General Johnston:


Assistant Adjutant-General.

GREENSBORUGH, April 30, 1865.

Lieutenant-General HARDEE,

Via High Point:

General Schofield has agreed to Genel Johnston's proposition about field trasportation. It will not be necessary for yuou to go to Raleigh, and the train will therfore not be sent for you.


Assistant Adjutant-General.


April 30, 1865.

Lieutenatn-General STEWART:

I have the honor to acknwledge r eceipt of yur note of 29th instant. No order can at present be issued on the subject of the distribution of field trasportation, becuse the matter has not yet been clearly settled with the U. S. autyhorities. General Johnston instucts me to say that the troops cannot go to their homes except by marching across country.


Assistant Adjutant-General.


April 30, 1865.

Lieutenant Colonel A. ANDERSO,

Assistant Adjutant- General, Army of Tennessee:

COLONEL: The recent order about the trasportation of the earmy says nothing about general or staff officers. I request that an explanatory order may be issued on tis point, that the troops may know whether or not they have any calim for wagons, &c., under the reacent order, a ndhow mauch. I spoke to you on tis subject day before yesteday, and as I consider it a delicate point with the officers, I am anxious about it in my particular case. I merely wanted stated whether or not I will be aloowed trasportation for my baggage. Either decisionwill satisgy me, thouhh I would prefer, of course, to get along comfortably, if possible. There is cousiderable feeling among the troops on this point, as they have heard reports (wheher correct or not) as to wagons, &c., being sent off by different generals. They now lay claim toeverything, and it is my belief that they will strip most of the generals of their wagons on starting. An order fromthe general will do much to allay the feeling on this point. When will we probably get off! Can I facilitate matters by visiting your headquarters! If not too busy, please send me any items of news.

Yours, resepctfully,

S. D. LEE,


P. S. - Many persons are asking if any troops or individuals will be alowed to go through Yankee lines.

S. D. L.