War of the Rebellion: Serial 100 Page 0846 OPERATIONS IN N. C., S. C., S. GA., AND E. FLA. Chapter LIX.

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GREENSBOROUGH, April 27, 1865-1 p. m.

Lieutenant General WADE HAMPTON, Commanding Cavalry:

GENERAL: The following telegram has just been received at these headquarters from Brigadier General R. H. Anderson, commanding Company's Shops:

General Hampton has left here with Butler's division.

General Johnston directs that you cause this division to return immediately to the position near Hillsborough, in which it has been serving under his order.

I have the honor to be, &c.,


Assistant Adjutant-General.


April 27, 1865-9. 45 p. m.

General J. E. JOHNSTON:

GENERAL: Your letter has just reached me, and I beg to assure you that my misapplication of the terms, of which you complian, was entirely accidential and by no means intended to reflect upon you. My ignorance of the proper distinction in these terms led me into the error I committed, and that there may be no misunderstanding of my position in this matter, I withdraw the latter handed to you by General Logan. I inclose one which I beg to subsistence for the one withdrawn. I wish solely to have my own record right, and if you will consider the position in which I find myself placed, you will see how great is my embarrassment. By your advice I went to consult with the President, the armistice having been annulled. after full conference with him, a plan was agreed on to enable him to leave the country. He charged me with the excution of this placn, and he is now moving in accordance with it. On my return here I find myself not only powerless to assist him, but placd myself in a position of great deliccy. I must either leave him to his fate, without an effort to avert it, or subject muyself to possible censure by not accepting the teerms of the convention you have made. If I do not accompany him I shall never cease to reproach myself, na dif I go with him I may go under the ban of outlawry. I choose the latter, because I believe it to be my duty to do so. But I leave my command to abide the terms, as I shall not ask a man to go with me. Should any join me, they will be stragglers like myself and, like myself, willing to sacrifice everything for the cause and for our Government. The letter I sent* and the one now inclosed+ hsad and have but one subject-to have you from any misconstruction on account of my action in this matter. Hoping that this end may be obtained.

I am, very respectfully, yours,



APRIL 27, 1865-8 p. m.

Major-General WHEELER:

(Care General Bradley T. Johnson, Salisbury.)

You must obey my orders, unless you have contrary orders from higher authority.




*See April 26, p. 841.

+See second, ante.