War of the Rebellion: Serial 100 Page 0732 OPERATIONSIN N. C., S. C., S. GA., AND E. FLA. Chapter LIX.

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Organization of the Army near Smithfield, N. C., commanded by General E. Joseph E. Johnston, March 31, 1865.


Lieutenant General WILLIAM J. HARDEE.


Blanchord's Brigade.

1st Battalion South Carolina Reserves, Major Joel Ballenger.

2nd Battalion South Carolina Reserves, Major D. J. Barnette.

6th Battalion South Carolina Reserves, Major Robert Meriwhether.

7th Battalion South Carolina Reserves, Major J. W. Ward.

Kay's Company South Carolina Reserves.

Kennedy's Brigade.

2nd South Carolina, Lieutenant Colonel William Wallace.

3rd South Carolina, Major Rutherford P. Todd.

7th South Carolina, Lieutenant Colonel Elijah J. Goggans.

8th South Carolina, Lieutenant Colonel Eli. T. Stackhouse.

15th South Carolina, Colonel John B. Davis.

20th South Carolina, Major John M. Partlow.

3rd South Carolina Battalion (consolidated with 8th South Carolina Regiment).

Harrison's Brigade.

5th Georgia, Colonel Charles P. Daniel.

32nd Georgia, Lieutenant Colonel E. H. Bacon, Jr.

47th Georgia, Captain Elliott W. Hazzard.

Fiser's Brigade.

1st Georgia Regulars, Colonel Richard A. Wayne.

2nd Georgia Battalion Reserves, Major C. E. McGregor.

5th Georgia Battalion Reserves, Major C. E. McGregor.

6th Georgia Reserves, Lieutenant Colonel W. R. McLaws.

27th Georgia Battalion, Major Alfred L. Hartridge.


Elliott's Brigade.

22nd Georgia Battalion, Major Mark J. McMullan.

28th Georgia Battalion (Bonaud's), Major A. Bonauld.

2nd South Carolina Artillery, Lieutenant Colonel J. Welsman Brown.

Hanleiter's battalion.

Rhett's Brigade.

1st South Carolina, Major Thomas A. Huguenin.

1st South Carolina Artillery, Lieutenant Colonel Joseph A. Yates.

Lucas' (South Carolina) battalion, Captain Theodore B. Hayne.


Clingman's Brigade.

8th North Carolina, Lieutenant Colonel Rufus A. Barrier.

31st North Carolina, Captain Issac Pipkin.

51st North Carolina, Captain James W. Lippitt.

61st North Carolina, Captain N. A. Ramsey.

Hagood's Brigade.

2nd North Carolina Battalion (one company).

10th North Carolina Battalion of Coast Guard.

36th North Carolina, - -.

40th North Carolina, Major William A. Holland.

7th South Carolina Battalion, Captain William Clyburn.

11th South Carolina, Captain B. F. Wyman.

21st South Carolina, Captain J. A. W. Thomas.

25th South Carolina, Captain E. R. Lesesne.

27th South Carolina, Captain Thomas Y. Simons.

Adam's light artillery (detachment.)

One unattached company.