War of the Rebellion: Serial 100 Page 0673 Chapter LIX. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. -UNION.

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mission to this Department, answering specifically the following interrogatories: First. When, where, and by what officer the seizure of the papers and effects was made, and enumerate the boxes, packages, &c., and their contents as far as known to you? Second. What disposition was made of them by the officer making the seizure? Third. When and where did they come into your immediate possession? Had the packages been opened before they came into your possession; and if so, when, where, and by whom? Fourth. What examination did you make of said papers, and what papers, if any, have you retained in your possession, or copied, or allowed to be copied or retained, by you or others? Fifth. In whose custody were the papers from the time they were first seized until they came into your possession? Sixth. How long did you have the packages and papers in your possession before you forwarded them, and by whom and to whom did you forward them? Seventh. State what papers you found and examined in any of the packages, boxes, or trunks, and what you did with them. Eighth. State what effects, other than papers or documents, were taken from the boxes after their seizure, by whom were they taken, and what became of such property or effects. You will make an immediate detailed answer to this telegram and send it to this Department by the messenger who will deliver to you this dispatch.

By order of the Secretary of War:


Assistant Adjutant-General.




ARMY OF THE OHIO, Numbers 90.

Raleigh, N. C., July 1, 1865.

Complaints having been made from various parts of the State that some persons appointed on the police force organized under the provisions of General Orders, Numbers 35, current series, from these headquarters, are, both from their connection with the rebellion and other reasons, improper persons, and also that some do not confine their action within the limits of their fightful authority, it is therefore directed that commanders of districts as soon as possible carefully revise the lists, and where necessary remove the objectionable persons and appoint others in their stead. No man who has been an active supported of the rebellion, either by his counsel or his acts, will be appointed a policeman. So soon as the lists are rectified in accordance herewith, returns of the same will be made to these headquarters, arranged according to counties, giving the names, place of residence, and occupation of the appointees, with any remarks in relation to individuals deemed proper.

By command of Brevet Major-General Ruger:


Assistant Adjutant-General.


Hilton Head, S. C., July 1, 1865.

Bvt. Brigadier General E. L. MOLINEAUX,

Commanding District of Northern Georgia:

GENERAL: I have the honor to acknowledge the receitp of your letter of June 26 with accompanying documents; also Lieutenant-Colonel Sprague's report on schools. I am instructed by the major-general