War of the Rebellion: Serial 100 Page 0615 Chapter LIX. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - UNION.

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regiments or companies are to remain in service atter that date, will be mustered out at once. This oredr will be executed as followes: First. The three years' regiments that were mustered into service under the call of July 2, 1862, and prior to October 1 of that year. Second. The three years' recruits who were mustered into service for old regiments prior to October 1, 1862. Third. One year's men for new or old organizations who entered the service prior to October 1, 1864. In addition to the places of rendezvous for the troops to be mustered out designated in General Orders, Numbers 94, current series, War Department, Adjutant-General's Office, Greensborough is designated as the place of rendezvous for the Twenty-third Army Corps, and Raleigh for those of the Tenth Army Corps.

II. The following extract from General Orders, Numbers 36, of 1862, from the War Department, with the notes attached, relating to the discharge of the sick, will be applied in all similar cases to men antitled to be mustered out:

When too long a delay would arise in descharging the men because of the remote station of his company, application will be made by the medical officer to the Adjutant-General for such accounts of the man as his records will furnish. To this partial descriptive roll the medical officer will add the period for which pay is due the man since his entry into he hospital. The man will then be discharged, and then recceive the pay and traveling allowances thus shown to be due him, leaving the balance due him on account of clothing, retaining pay &c., for settlement in such manner as may herefter be determined. (See notes.)

NOTES. - In cases when too a delay would arise in deischarging a man because of the remote station of his company, and when no descriptive list or partial descriptive list can be obtained from this office, the men referred to will be discharged under this order given them on the quartermaster's department for transportation to their homes. This order will be signed by the same officer who signs the discharge. The quartermaster's department will furnish transportation to such men upon the presentation of this order, requiring them also to show their discharge. The sentence "to this partial descriptive roll the medical officer will add the period for which pay is due the man since the entry into the hospital" will be understood to give him pay on his final statement from the muster next preceding his entry into the hospital until the date of hid discharge.

By command of Major-General Schofield:


Assistant Adjutant-General.

GREENSBOROUGH, June 2, 1865.

Major-General SCHOFIELD, Raleigh:

General J. E. Johnston and family went to Danville to-day on his way to the Mineral Springs of Virginia, which he is visiting for the benefit of his invalid wife's health.

J. D. COX.



Raleigh, N. C., June 2, 1865.

Major General A. AMES,

Commanding Tenth Army Corps, Raleigh, N. C.:

GENERAL: It appeares that there are some cases of destitution among the people of Raleigh and vicinity that ought te be relieved by the Government-people who have been stripped of provisions by the army and who have no available means of supplying themselves. To relieve such cases you will please appoin an officer of your command to examine into the cases of all applicants for relief and decide upon their merits. Upon the recommendation of this officer the post com-