War of the Rebellion: Serial 100 Page 0558 OPERATIONS IN N. C., S. C., S. GA., AND E. FLA. Chapter LIX.

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Brigade and First Brigade trains will follow the troops in the order named. The hospital, quartermaster, and supply trains will follow the troops of the Firs Division.

By order of Bvt. Major General M. D. Leggett:


Assistant Adjutant-General.



Alexandria, Va., May 22, 1865.

* * * * * * *

IV. The corps of this army will not be moved from their present camp to-morrow.

V. To make the review ordered for this army in the city of Washington, the Twentieth Army Corps will move from its present camp on Wednesday morning at 5 o'clock to Long Bridge, and will march in reivew as prescribed in Special Field Orders, Numbers 71, headquarters Military Division of the Mississippi, following the Army of the Tennessee. The Twentieth Corps will be followed by the fourteenth Corps. After passing the Long Bridge, the troops in the same order, marching by the right flank, will be massed as close as possible eastof the canal, and will march over the route prescribed as soon as the Army of the Tennessee shall have fully drawn out. the troops will march by close columns of companies, right in front, guide left. When the companies fall below fifteen miles the battalions will form columns by divisions. After the Army of the Tenenssee shall have drawn out the head of the column will folow, marching around the Capitol, down Pennsylvania avenue, andpast the reviewing stand in front of the President's House, and thence to the new camps east of the Potomac River. All colors will be unfurled from the Capitol to a point beyond the President's reviewing stand. The commanders of each rops and division, attended by one staffofficer, will dismount after passing the commanding general and join hism whilst his crops or division is passing, when he will remount and join his command. All mounted officers will present swords on passing the reviewing officer, but companyofficers will make no salutes. Brigade bands or consoidated field music will turn out and play as their brigade passes the reviewing officer, but will be careful to cease playing in time for the music of the succeeding band to be heard. One band of each division may play during the march from the Capitol to the Treasury building. The colors of each battalion will salute by dropping in passing the reviewing officer and the field music make the three ruffles without interrupting the "march" of the band. Should intere columns care will be taken that divisions pass the reviewing stand compactly, and if the passing of the bridge draw out the columns, the march will be continued with as little interruption as possible at full distance. Major-General Mower will establish guides along the line of march, to be relieved by the corps following.

VI. The utmost care must be taken to prevent the blocking of the colunns in front of the reviewing stand. To prevent this division commanders will have their commands take the double-quick after passing the reviewing stand, if necessary, and avail themselves of cross streets to get their troops out of the way.

VII. The artillery will pass in review, by batteries in line.

VIII. After completing the march above prescribed the corps will march by the most direct route to their respective campson the east