War of the Rebellion: Serial 100 Page 0556 OPERATIONS IN N. C., S. C., S. GA., AND E. FLA. Chapter LIX.

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bivouac near the Long Bridge, and will commence crossing the Potomac at daylight on the morning of the 24th isntant, passing to position to the north and east of the Capitol, prepared for review. The troops will march without knapsacks, and with two days' cooked rations in haversacks. The line of march will be as set forth in Genreal Orders, Numbers 11, current series headquarters Army of the Tennessee. The troops will be formed in column of companies closed in mass, right in front, with short intervals between regiments, brigades, and divisions, and will be marched from the Treasury Department to Seventeenth street at shoulder arms, bayonets fixed, and then to their camps at right-sholder shift. The pioneer cors of each division willmarch with the same front and formation as the infantry column, axes and spades to be carried at right-shoulder shift. The artillery will move in brigade organization in rar of the infatry, battery front. Six ambulances, under charge of commandant of brigade train, will move in rar of each brigade, three abreast. Mounted officers alone will salute in passing the reviewing officer and division commanders, accompanied by one staff officer, will dismount after passing the reviewing officer, and take post near the commanding general of the army, during the time occupied by the division in passing, when they will remount and rejoin their command. No other officers than those above mentioned will leave the column. The colors will be unfruled during the entire march, and on passing the reviewing officer will make the customary salute. Drum corps of brigade will be massed at the head of each brigade, and will wheel out of column opposite the reviewing officer, playing while their brigades are passing. Brigade bands will continue in the column. Division commanders will use their utmost exertions to keep the column clear from all interruption, and will, in every particular, conform to orders from army and military division headquarters with reference to the review. Copies herewith transmitted. *

* * * * * * *

By order of Major General John A. Logan:


Assistant Adjutant-General.



CORPS, Numbers 23.

Near Alexandria, Va., May 21, 1865.

This division will move to-morrow (Tueaday), at an hour to be hereafter designated, with knapsacks light, and two days' cooked rations in haversacks, to a point Long Bridge, where the command will remain during the night of the 23rd, and one Wednesday at daylight in the following order-First Brigade, General E. W. Rice commadning; Third Brigade, Colonel R. Rowett commanding; Second Brigade, General William T. Clark commanding-will move by the right flank to the Capitol Grounds, and there mass east of the canal. I accordance with Special Orders, Numbers 239, Adjutant-General's Office, May 18, the command in column of companies, closed in mass, righ in front guide left, will march in review down Pennsylvania avenue by the President's Mansion, and out to the ground designated for permanent camp, near Georgetown. Each brigade will be followed by six ambulances, moving


*See Special Field Orders, Numbers 71, May 20, p. 539, and General Orders, Numbers 11, next, ante.