War of the Rebellion: Serial 100 Page 0555 Chapter LIX. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. -UNION.

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tomove into the rear of engineer regiments. The Seventeenth Army Corps, Major General F. P. Blair commanding, will be formed on East Capitol street, prepared to move in rear of the Fifteenth Army Corps. The line of march will be up Pennsylvania avenue, past the President's House, where the reviewing officer will stand, round the Circle, and then by K and Fourteenth streets to camps already indicated to corps commanders. The order of march will be in column of companies closed in mass, right in front, with reduced intervals between regiments, brigades, and divisions. Companies will be equalixzed by divisions, and whenever they fall below fifteen files the battalion will form column by divisions. Six ambulances, three abreast, will follow each brigade. The troops will be marched at a shoulder arms with fixed beyonets, after passing the Treasury Department and until they shall have crossed Seventeenth street, when the arms will be carried ata rightshoulder shift. The cedence steo will be taken from the moment the head of column moves from the Capitol. All colors will be unfurled during the entire march. Corps and division commanders are particularly enjoined to move their commands in such manner as will insure and unrobken and unclogged column, and will study the route of march prior to the review to that end. On approaching the reviewing officer all mounted officers will salute and none other. The corps and division commanders will, after passing the reviewing officer, dismount, and, accompanied by one staff officer, take position near the commanding officer of the army during the periods their commands may occupy in passing, when they will rejoin their troops and conduct them to their camp. No other officer than those mentioned will leave the column. The drum corps of each brigade will be massed at the head of the brigade and will wheel out of column opposite the reviewing officer until the brigade shall have passed, when they shall apss from position in front of the stans will continue at the head of their respective brigades. The colors will salute by dropping on passing the reviewing officer, and field music will make the ruffle without interrupting the march. Precisely at 9 a. m. a signal gun will be fired by one of the advance batteries, when the column will be put in motion as heretofore directed. Lieutenant Colonel W. H. Ross, chief of artillery, Fifteenth Army Corps, is charged with the execution of this paragraph. Suitable camp guards will be left in charge of the camps, and the trains of the corps will commence moving across the Potomac after the review shall have closed.

By command of Major General O. O. Howard:


Assistant Adjutant-General.



Alexandria, Va., May 22, 1865.

* * * * * * *

II. In accordance with instructions rom army headquarters, the Fifteenth Army Corps will pass in review in Washington City, the 24th instant, in the following order: First, corps headquarters and escort; second, First Division, Brevet Major-General Woods commanding; third, Second Division, Major-General Hazen commanding; fourth, Fourth Division, Brevet Major-General Corse commanding; fifth, Artillery Brigade, Lieutenant Colonel William H. Ross commanding. The corps will move from its present camp at 7 a. m. the 23rd instant, and